Zahko submitted FEEDBACK: Vigilant Guardian (Mythic) 5 days ago
Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!
Zahko submitted FEEDBACK: Prototype Pantheon (Mythic) 5 days ago
Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!
Warcraft commented on @warcraft 5 days ago

There's always time for a quick game of @PlayHearthstone.

Muffinus-11860 commented on Introduce Yourself Here 6 days ago

Hey everyone, I’m Muffinus. I’ve been working on WoW for almost 12 years.

Over the years I’ve done everything from encounter design to toys, pets, mounts, hunter pets, pet battles (not sure if you can see the theme here), world quests, and more. But my design child will forever be Timeless Isle.

I helped kill Varian. You’re welcome.

I firmly believe that gnome mage is the best race/class.

Nowadays I help oversee quest, content, and level design, and would be happy to field your questions, especially if they are about pet battles.

Muffinus-11860 commented on Flying mounts in no-flight zones 6 days ago

Thanks for the feedback! This is indeed odd behavior.

Mounts that look good on the ground (those that don’t hover) are preferred in non-flying areas. It sounds like some of the areas you describe don’t work as expected.

Interestingly, I don’t think the opposite is true, but it sounds like it would be preferred (e.g. if you are in a flying area, only flying mounts are summoned, assuming at least one of them exists in your favorites list).

Let me know if I got that wrong.

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@Nebiisaur We have been summoned. 👋

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@davidcaolo Here if you ever wish to return. 💛

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@thelovelymage Thanks, you too! Great screenshot! 💛

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@WillowCreative_ @nvdbergphotog The Betrayer will soon become the betrayed! 🔥

Kaivax submitted FEEDBACK: Blackwing Lair -- First Four Bosses 6 days ago
With the opening of this PTR, we’ve enabled updates to the first four bosses in Blackwing Lair. Please reply to this thread with your feedback from testing: Razorgore Vaelastrasz the Corrupt Firemaw Chromaggus Thank you!
Kaivax submitted How to Get Into the PTR 6 days ago

If you’re still not testing the PTR (Public Test Realm) with us, and you want to, we’ve made it easy to get started. Just follow these steps:


  • Log in to Blizzard Account Management.
  • Select Games and Subscriptions.
  • In the Starter Editions & Public Test Regions section, select Create PTR Account.
  • Click the Create Account button.


  • Open the Blizzard App and select World of Warcraft Classic from your Games list.
  • In the selector above the Play button, change your Region / Account to CLASSIC SEASON OF MASTERY BETA. <–Please note this is the 1.14.2 PTR
  • Click Install (or Update) to install the PTR client. This becomes a Play button when ready.
  • Click Play to log in to the PTR, and select any of the available Test Servers.
  • Create a new test character, or copy over a character from your live account using the Copy Character button.
  • Enter the game and test the new content!
Kaivax submitted Welcome! Please read before posting 6 days ago

Welcome to the Season of Mastery 1.14.2 PTR Discussion forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss the Season of Mastery test environment with other players.

Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and guidelines before posting.

Code of Conduct:

Terms of Use: Terms of Use for Blizzard’s Websites


In addition to the forum Code of Conduct, here are some common courtesy guidelines to follow. While these do technically fall within the bounds of the Code of Conduct, they cover more specific examples of common errors that will lead to thread deletions or posting privileges being revoked.

The World of Warcraft forums are for discussion of topics directly related to World of Warcraft.

The forums here are specifically to discuss the game and related topics. Any topics not related to World of Warcraft,, or Blizzard Entertainment are subject to deletion.

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Using the words “Blizzard,” “Blue,” or any community team members’ names in a thread topic is frowned upon.

Everyone would like Blizzard to read and acknowledge his or her post, and we understand that; however, use of such words in the subject line does not help that come to pass. Please make your thread title relevant to the post subject. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion.

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What if I would like to submit feedback on posts from Blizzard employees but not post on the forums as call outs are against the rules?
If you have any sort of issue or feedback about a Blizzard employee’s posts then you can submit that via email at [email protected].

Kaivax commented on Burning Crusade Classic 2.5.3 Development Notes 6 days ago
  • Serpentshrine Caverns and Tempest Keep bosses now drop new and additional items, such as an additional tier token.
  • Magtheridon and Gruul’s Lair now drop an additional tier token.
  • All dungeon bosses now have a chance to drop epic gems in Heroic difficulty.
  • New Darkmoon cards now have a chance to drop.
  • The Consortium vendor now sells: Formula: Enchant Weapon - Major Striking
  • The Honor Hold and Thrallmar vendor now sells: Pattern: Netherscale Ammo Pouch
  • The Lower City vendor now sells: Enchant Ring - Stats and Pattern: Quiver of a Thousand Feathers
Warcraft commented on @warcraft 6 days ago

Classic and #Shadowlands updates, the 2022 Esports calendar, and more. Visit the link below to get caught up. 📜…

BlizzardEntertainment submitted World of Warcraft News and Development Updates 6 days ago

Catch up on all the latest World of Warcraft release dates, news, hotfixes, and more in our latest update.

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Kaivax submitted 2.5.3 PTR Raid Testing Closed 6 days ago
We’re shutting down the raids on the 2.5.3 PTR. Thank you very much to everyone who tested with us! The 2.5.3 PTR will remain up and available for non-raid testing for the next few days.
Kaivax commented on Season 3 PvP Adjustments 6 days ago
I’ve updated the OP here. I had percentages on the gem. Correctly: Mind Quickening Gem now provides 100 Haste Rating (was 330).
Warcraft commented on @warcraft 6 days ago

Take up arms and siege the Black Temple once again! Raid unlocking January 27th. #BurningCrusade 🔥…

Kaivax submitted Season 3 PvP Adjustments 6 days ago

Season 3 will begin with the weekly reset the week of January 17.

Looking back at Season 2, we’ve analyzed the queue data and found that some queue times are taking longer than we’d like to see. To address this, in Season 3:

  • The range of possible opponents will be expanded. This will help match players of different matchmaking levels more quickly. As before, teams with similar ratings who queue at the same will be prioritized to match against each other.

Additionally, we’re making the following changes:

  • Mind Quickening Gem now provides 10% Haste Rating (was 33%).
  • Starting with Season 3, the following items won’t be allowed inside Arenas:
    • Nigh-Invulnerability Belt
    • Net-o-Matic Projector
    • Dazzling Longsword
    • Silent Fang
    • Skull of Impending Doom
BlizzardEntertainment submitted Burning Crusade Classic Phase 3 Release Schedule 6 days ago

The Black Temple beckons, hero. The next Burning Crusade Classic content update is just around the corner!

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