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People are trying to get you to understand but you refuse to listen. If you are an unlucky player like myself what can I do to get the best gear? Why would I want to keep going into a raid when I get no upgrades every week? Before the changes were made to world quest to give 370 ilvl gear I was 367 through 2 months of Uldir. How is that fun? How is fun to see people who play less then you pop in the raid and walk away with titanforged gear and BiS items? It burns you out when you realize you will not get the items who want because you just aren’t luck enough to get them. You have made the gearing system into the power ball lottery and the chance to win are slime and none for some of us.

It sounds like you do a decent amount of raiding, but of all the avenues for gear, how many of them do you do regularly? Like faction assaults, emissaries, conquest capping, warfronts, etc.

If someone is doing all of these avenues for gearing how do you feel your overall gear item level should compare to them?

The chance is technically the same for you to get things compared to others, but I do understand how some people get like the awesome weapon on their first run - I have been seeing this since Molten Core though so it isn’t a new development. If others keep getting items, do you trade with them at all?

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Interesting idea, but I feel this would take away from the 1-60 experience that was (will be) the heart of Classic. You could be in the middle of a zone at level 30 and need to stop too.

Also, development doesn’t work quite in the way of like working on content from level 1 to 60 in that order. For example there could be a lantern or quest that is being fixed that affects 3 completely separate zones (this is just a random example off the top of my head, I’m not referring to anything specifically!)

Bornakk commented on Titanforging and Warforging make me upset 1 day ago

You should read this, so that you understand, psychologically, how this negatively affects the players. Sure, some don’t care, but others do.

Replacing an item with zero effort? How do you get the item in the first place then if you aren’t doing anything?

In what ways do you personally feel that you truly earned an item? Like what game feature qualifies for this and which don’t?

When you have been playing regularly and you see someone who has a higher item level, let’s just say full Mythic Raid gear, how do you react to that? Do you care?

I am looking through all the posts to try and understand people while also giving my personal thoughts. It does have some back and forth so please try and understand that the entire community doesn’t necessarily agree on the topic.

Bornakk commented on Titanforging and Warforging make me upset 1 day ago

Sure there is. You get the item best for the slot with out bonus forging. Then you have a small chance for a bonus upgrade that you normally wouldn’t have. BiS has always been a thing to work towards. You still can.

It should never be seen as a bad thing that you have a chance at still get useful loot even after you have been farming a boss for weeks. I would much rather a small chance that a raid member gets a useful item rather then vendor/de fodder only.

I am of a similar mindset. I can still figure out the items that are best, if something that is worse than BiS gets a titanforge I can figure that out IF I get the BiS, but that tends to take a while. At least in this scenario I have something to ponder over and (potentially) a decent item.

As has been mentioned, it also means there continues to be a chance at things while I keep playing. If I cap everything in a few weeks I feel like I might get bored easier or the flip side is that I never see the item I want drop and never have anything for the slot.

Bornakk commented on Titanforging and Warforging make me upset 1 day ago

Personally I do enjoy when I get a good Warforge or Titanforge on something. It could easily be on yet another pair of gloves but it keeps me guessing on what will happen next.

I really don’t think much about what gear others have as I never feel like I am out-gearing someone who does higher content and from doing some PvP, they make it quite clear that they can crush me.

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The top 8 teams in AWC EU Cup 2 are battling it out right now! 🔴

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Sorry, friend. … I didn’t know.
Kaivax commented on [Windwalker] List of Bugs going into 8.1 2 days ago

Hello. Just wanted to put this here for reference:

[WW] SEF Bugs And More Bug Report
Thanks! Please take a look at my threads involving talented Xuen and the one summoned via the Fury of Xuen azurite trait.

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Cantaloupe forever.
Kaivax commented on [WW] SEF Bugs And More 2 days ago

Following up on some items that stemmed from this:

  • We’re fixing the 8.1.5 PTR so that Fury of Xuen stacks are now cleared when you start a boss encounter.

  • In 8.1.5, the Glory of the Dawn artifact trait will now deal 35% increased damage while Storm, Earth, and Fire is active.

Your two clones will still not deal damage or generate any Chi for you, but the trait’s damage will increase in value as it would with any other % damage increasing ability, such as Serenity.

Kaivax commented on Never got a mount from a drop. Ever 2 days ago

I’ve got two words for you:

Mimiron’s. Head.

Seriously. I’m kind of amazed at how many people I’ve known (including me) who got that amazing mount in the first few … dozen tries.

On the other hand, I’ve still never gotten Poundfist. Which seems like a cinch. I just never find him spawned when I go looking.

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I even thank LFD groups after we finish. Whats the harm? Most times I am top dps and I always cast int for the poor feller who just got rezzed.

I try to thank people in LFD too. Since some people bail so quickly I aim for when the last boss is at about 10% health. Sometimes it’s a general thanks, sometimes it’s thanking for awesome heals or dps or tank pulling. Some runs are rough but I like when we get through it all and check it off the list.

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right… i’m going to need more toes as I’ve run out of fingers.

Imagine how the people who play trolls feel, they ran out of fingers for rings weeks ago.

Yes, I’ll file that.

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Sorry, Bornakk. We just have to make sure you’re good with all these background checks lol

No worries, I understand your concerns. This isn’t an easy time but we’ll get through it together… then I’m sure you’ll gank me a few times in STV.

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This is my favorite bonus event week.

While my favorite pet is still Lil Rag, I use a couple of addons that bust out a pet regularly in various situations. For example, I really like automatically summoning Muckbreath/Snarly/Toothy/Chuck when I start fishing.

My favorite renamed pet is my Dragon Kite, which has gone through many names, and is currently known as Shockolate. You know … because it occasionally shocks you.

My question for this week is always: what’s the PBPvP team du jour? And what will you be using to counter it? And then what will you switch to to counter that counter?

Okay that was three questions. And I usually answer with snails.

Kaivax commented on [WW] SEF Bugs And More 2 days ago

Hello! There are four things to report so far–

  • The Storm, Earth, and Fire + Mark of the Crane interactions should be fixed in 8.1.5
  • Pressure Point should work with Storm, Earth, and Fire in 8.1.5
  • Dance of Chi-Ji should work with Storm, Earth, and Fire in 8.1.5
  • We’re still investigating the Glory of the Dawn trait.

Thank you for the bug reports.

Kaivax commented on Whirling Dragon Punch does not work 2 days ago


After investigating this, we think there is some discrepancy between the cooldown shown on the action bar and the cooldown shown on the tooltip.

We believe that we’ve got this fixed in 8.1.5, and so far we haven’t been able to reproduce it in the 8.1.5 PTR.

We’ll keep an eye on it, and thank you for the heads-up.

Bornakk commented on Tortollan emissary reward 2 days ago
And here I thought they only gave out rings… what’s a trinket?
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🐢 A couple of turtles made it to the water! 🐢 Happy #Valentines to everyone on Azeroth! 💖

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I looked him up yesterday, he’s been active on the Blue Tracker on MMO Champion since the end of 2006 .

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