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"Storm, earth, and fire, heed my call!" 🌩️ The primary spellcaster of the Orcish Horde, the Shaman uses iconic sp… https://t.co/mt7EfIbSsh

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Thanks for the report, Trash! I’ll investigate this one shortly
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Thanks for the report Lcky7! Replenishment Potions will de-activate if the Hero receives damage, in your video, you see Arthas take an auto attack RIGHT after you click the potion.
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"Frostmourne hungers..." Discover how the Warcraft III: Reforged team reanimated the horrifying Undead Scourge. 💀… https://t.co/WXJhLutrkb

CptCannon, unfortunately that is a different issue that we are still looking into.
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Thanks for the report, we will take a look!
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Thanks for the report, we will check it out!
Thanks for all the posts on this thread helping us investigate this issue! As of the hotfix this afternoon, this should be fixed.
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Hey Nalok, Sorry to hear about your experience. We just patched to fix a silent crash (a crash with no error). Let us know if you are still getting this error.
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Hey Protheon, Sorry to hear about your experience. Can you send a Dxdiag to [email protected] and reference this thread please? This will help us look into the issue.
Hello MyLife4Aiur (nice name!). Thanks for the report, we are currently investigating this issue.
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Hey Lyxilion, if I were to guess I’d say one of your maps is corrupted. Try deleting your maps in the following folder: C:\Users\username\Documents\Warcraft III Beta. This should force the system to redownload the maps. Let me know if that worked for ya.
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Thank you for the report Lycan!
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Lycan - If you have maps that are reproducible this issue could you send them our way as well at [email protected]?
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Hello Narshi Thanks for the report! Could you zip up your Map folder and send us a copy to [email protected] please? We’d like to investigate on our end.
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Glad to hear the work around helped you all!

If you are still experiencing this issue, or haven’t tried the workaround, please also provide your War3log.txt to [email protected] or post here. This can be found in your documents folder: C:\Users\ username \Documents\Warcraft III Beta\Logs

This will help us identify the root cause. Thank you!

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Thanks for the follow up Scott3h. Please drop a note in if Scott3h’s workaround worked for you as well.
Extracheese, thanks for the additional info. Can you try changing your graphics settings to see if one of those remove the issue? Also, what mode have you been playing in? (2v2, 1v1, etc.)
Hey CptCannon, for the Legion TD crash, are you selecting a specific Hero or ability when the game crashes?
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We’re having trouble reproducing the issue of having no sounds here at the office, so we’d like to gather some more information.

  1. Does unplugging the sound device and plugging it back while in-game fix the problem?
  2. If you are experiencing the sound issue, please send a DxDiag to [email protected] or post your DxDiag in this thread if you are comfortable. Obtaining a DxDiag is explained in this post. https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/12988

Thanks for your support!

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