classic-1411 commented on Beta Notes 1 day ago
Howdy, We’re looking into the issues with FFA. Thanks for the reports. Cheers, Classic
Torelef-1910 commented on Very Poor GPU Utilization w/ AMD 1 day ago
Thanks guys for the info! I’ve forwarded this off to our compatibility wizards. Additional DXdiags are always helpful if you wanna send them to [email protected]
classic-1411 submitted Beta Notes 1 day ago

Howdy Friends,

Are 2s not cutting it? Maybe you have 3 friends that miss arranged 4s with you? I definitely have 3 friends that are humans… Steve ate the grain in the last patch though, and he’s gotten a bit bitey. FFA for Steve the Biter.

A note from our server engineers: their army of mechanical chickens will be conducting load tests to bolster confidence in game stability. There may be some lag spikes or other intermittent, strange behaviors in login, chat, or similar functions. Please post if you notice anything out of the ordinary.


  • 3v3, 4v4, and Free-for-All have been added to Melee options



  • Night Elf
  • More improvements to chat experience/functionality
  • Custom lobbies and games
Torelef-1910 commented on Nothing happens when i find a game 1 day ago

Thanks for all the reports guys. Its crazy helpful and the team is still working hard investigating the issues.

That’s all i really have as an update right now, but this thread is packed full of data and making it easier to investigate the more people that reply to it. So thanks a bunch!

Torelef-1910 commented on 2v2 unplayable 7 days ago

My game is unplayable.
First, it’s not consistent. Sometimes it shows:
“Game Found!”
followed by
Starting game in 5…
Starting game in 4…
Sometimes it says…
“Game Found!”
Followed by the sound of horns…

But the result is always the same. The FIND MATCH button goes back green and nothing happens.

I also sent an email with a LOT more information.

What is THIS error?
“The game you attempted to join could not be found.|n|nYou may have entered the name incorrectly or the game creator may have canceled the game.”

Thanks Apps, I received your email. If you’re willing, log on today, try to queue, note the EXACT time you run into these issues. And either reply to this thread or with another email. It provides super accurate data and allows us to try to dig down to the root cause.

Krellen, I would like to extend a similar request as the one i gave to Apps. For Issue number 2 in your email, if you encounter it again, note the EXACT time it happens and include your timezone, and either reply here or in another email to me.

Thanks for all the help guys!

Torelef-1910 commented on Ingame chat doubled 8 days ago
Just because we’ve been seeing one thing internally doesn’t discount the fact that other people might be seeing other things. Thanks for the additional info GsrAndy!
Torelef-1910 commented on 2v2 unplayable 8 days ago
Thanks Htan! I received your email. I appreciate the info, it helps a lot
Torelef-1910 commented on Nothing happens when i find a game 8 days ago

Hey everyone!

We are currently tracking down the cause of this issue and we need your help! What would be awesome is if you encounter the issue when you see “Game Found” then nothing happens, is if you can send me as accurate as possible time stamps of when it occurred. You can either reply here or send them to [email protected]

Thanks everyone!

Torelef-1910 commented on Ingame chat doubled 8 days ago
Thanks for the report guys! As SomeGuy1 mentioned, this is only affecting the sender. The people receiving your messages shouldn’t be seeing double.
Torelef-1910 commented on 2v2 unplayable 8 days ago

Hey everyone!

What would help us investigate this issue is if you guys could provide as accurate as possible timestamp of when these issues happen.

If you want to reply here you can, or if you want to compile multiple occurrences into an email and send it to [email protected] that would be awesome.


Torelef-1910 commented on Can't start game 8 days ago
Hey Slizzben! Around what time did this issue occur for you?
classic-1411 submitted Beta Notes 9 days ago


Hope everyone brought their appetite, the plagued Andorhal grain has arrived. We were unhappy with a few disconnects in 3s and 4s, so this patch does not include new game modes - see Incoming for what will be included in the next major patch.

We’re actively working on the queuing issue.


  • Undead have entered the fray
  • World Editor now available from (“Launch Editor” button on subnav)
  • Chat frame size increased
  • Chat can be pinned
  • Updated Social and Team invite panel
  • Updated Versus race icons
  • Added toggle for sound when game is in background



  • Night Elf
  • More improvements to chat experience/functionality
  • 3v3, 4v4, FFA
  • Custom lobbies and games
classic-1411 submitted Beta Deploy Update 9 days ago
Howdy Friends, We’re targeting 4 PM PST for today’s beta update. Cheers, Classic
Warcraft3 commented on @Warcraft3 12 days ago

Lok'tar Ogar!

Torelef-1910 commented on UI Black Frame takes focus preventing keyinput 14 days ago
Thanks so much for all this info CanFight! Ill be investigating this
Torelef-1910 commented on My units kept attacking ally 14 days ago
Interesting… Thanks for the report SDulsky!
Torelef-1910 commented on Neterror_Defaulterror 14 days ago
What region are you playing in?
classic-1411 commented on Beta Roll Out 14 days ago
Howdy, We’ve batched through the failed beta assignments, please recheck your access. Enjoy the beta; feedback has been great. Cheers, Pete
Torelef-1910 commented on Just freeze 15 days ago

Thanks for all the confirmation guys! <3 hope you are all enjoying the game!

As for the minor hitches, you’re probably experiencing something off of our known issues list. “Loading assets for the first time in HD can cause performance drops.”

classic-1411 commented on Beta Roll Out 15 days ago
Howdy, We’re looking into the issue with the invites not matching actual beta assignment to your accounts. Will update when resolved. Cheers, Pete
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