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RT @NargaLifestream: Actually @Alexey_Aoki did two costumes of Arthas. Here is a comparison between first and latest version. Costume made…

classic-1411 submitted 1.30.2 Hot Fix 4 4 days ago

Hail Warchiefs, Lichs, Commanders, and Keepers,

It’s great to see so many custom lobbies being hosted. There has been some unexpected fallout when the number of lobbies hits 100. This patch is intended to address those issues. Keep the feedback and reports coming.

As many of you have pointed out: this is a process that takes active participation and some patience from the community, and we appreciate everything you’re doing to help us get the patch into the best possible state. Happy holidays.


  • Custom game lobby list can exceed 100
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@FGerard_ @Blizzard_Ent The original game should be available now on your https://t.co/oFeR0J2TnO account page - ch… https://t.co/NJhbVejyQh

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@Lugia_Blizz @Blizzard_Ent Seems like the Butcher would be a fan of that Meat Wagon mount! 🍖

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Unlock 🔓 rewards in other @Blizzard_Ent games when you pre-purchase the Spoils of War edition of Warcraft III: Refo… https://t.co/8BpdMpXMpF

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RT @Back2Warcraft: IT'S TIME - Let's write history together! https://t.co/HzSKHC3HY0 #WGLWinter Grand Final, one Bo7 for the Championship…

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RT @Back2Warcraft: LIVE - https://t.co/HzSKHC3HY0 The coronation of a new @Warcraft3 World Champion is just hours away! Moon has the ch…

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"My life for the Horde!" ✊ Watch the original Grunt transform into its glorious 4K version! Which unit update fr… https://t.co/1wF8WFR1ud

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RT @Back2Warcraft: LIVE - https://t.co/HzSKHC3HY0 WGL Winter - Semifinals The two best #Warcraft3 players of all time face each other for…

NewClassic-11551 commented on 1.30.2 Hot Fix 3 - 12/06/2018 11 days ago

Where i report death threats in wc3? I got the replay where i send it

Send it to me: [email protected]

NewClassic-11551 submitted 1.30.2 Hot Fix 3 - 12/06/2018 11 days ago

Hail Warchiefs, Lichs, Commanders, and Keepers,

A new patch just in time for the weekend to improve the stability of the client and reduce issues playing your favorite maps.


  • Tab focus on custom games menu
  • Fixed bug causing one of the desync’s
  • Joining a game no longer results in double game join
  • Players joining after a computer slot will not fail to start the game
  • Players no longer need to join games twice
  • Improved desync check in attempt to reduce number of desyncs


  • We are aware of the issue of joining games around 1200 PST and are actively investigating the problem.

Note: Arranged teams still require port forwarding for 1.30.2. The current patch only removes the need for port forwarding for custom games, but dont worry, good things are coming.

Classic Games

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RT @UgriWC3: WGL 1/4 Finals. If you could not watch all the games, you can still read our recap! With Moon, Lyn, Infi, Foggy & LawLiet @W

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The WGL Winter 2018 semifinals start Friday at 11 a.m. CET / 2 a.m. PST! 👀 Check out the top 5 games so far from… https://t.co/TwTOhxjf0b

Mark_Chandler submitted 1.30.2 Hot Fix 2 - 12/4/2018 13 days ago

Hail Warchiefs, Lichs, Commanders, and Keepers,

The Classic Team has been working hard behind the scenes to fix as many issues as possible. This is the second client patch to start addressing some of the core issues.


  • Error dialogs include error code and better text strings
  • Hide map download dialog on successful download


  • Reverted change to way desyncs are checked in 1.30.2 to help reduce likelihood of false desyncs
  • Map upload is more successful


  • One team maps cant be played due to client validation


  • We will be deploying a server fix to address this later today.


  • In game latency is measured as the total time it takes a request to go from the server to the client, through the client processing queue and back to the server. Some prior hosting bots used to half this time by default only measuring the time from the server to client.

Classic Games

Mark_Chandler commented on 1.30.2 Update - 12/3/2018 14 days ago

People from EU can’t download the game at the moment

Do not know about that. Can you send me more details [email protected]

Mark_Chandler submitted 1.30.2 Update - 12/3/2018 14 days ago

Hail Warchiefs, Lichs, Commanders, and Keepers,

Today we deployed a server fix to help queue times for match making and chat related issues. We are still continually working on solving the problems around game client desyncing and disconnecting and hope to have another client patch later today with the fixes in it.

Thanks for all the current feedback and although we cant reply to everyone we do read and review all posts.

Classic Games

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"Gentlemen, meet Miss Jaina Proudmoore, special agent to the Kirin Tor, and one of the most talented sorceresses in… https://t.co/2pUIWPe8u6

classic-1411 commented on 1.30.2 Patch Notes 17 days ago

Our first hotfix is deployed:


  • Refreshes of the custom games list no longer causes crashes
  • Last used gateway is remembered
  • Users may create accounts on US West


  • Some maps cause desync on game start (we’ve added tracking for maps that cause the issue)
  • Blizzard maps included with game install will always cloud download
  • Playing a ladder match and then a custom game no longer desyncs

Devotion Aura

  • Bonus at all levels increased by .5
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