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Take a sneak peek at the new maps coming in 2019 Season 2, available now for testing under the Custom tab in-game.…

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RT @Artosis: Mech vs Protoss - IN-DEPTH #6 - Maru and GuMiho change the meta. a deep dive with me and @ROOTNoRegreT

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RT @Artosis: VOD of IN-DEPTH #5 is up! MARU vs CLASSIC - GSL Code S 2019 Season 1 Finals w/ myself and @ROOTNoRegreT

Matt Sherman commented on When will be changed ladder season? 53 days ago
Soon after KSL S3.
Cydra submitted Collection Item Description Issue 55 days ago
We're aware of an issue with the 4.8.5 patch today in which some items within the Collection are displaying incorrect titles and descriptions. We're currently working on a solution, and will update this thread once the issue is resolved.
Thank you for your understanding.
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RT @ThePylonShow: Ep.#47 VoD of #ThePylonShow This week we discuss the Differences across @StarCraft Regions, Perso…

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INCOMING TRANSMISSION📡 It’s time for an upgrade! Replenish your arsenal at the #BlizzardGear store. ➡️…

Cydra submitted New Forum Platform and Features! 61 days ago
We are now ready for our forums to transition to the new platform! Blizzard games such as Overwatch, World of Warcraft and Warcraft III Reforged have already transitioned over if you’d like to explore what’s to come. New forums allow you to more easily navigate current topics, encourage more constructive discussions, and reward positive contributions to the community.

Here’s a few of the new features we’re excited about:

Tracking and Updates
  • The Blizz Tracker has returned to help you quickly find official posts.
  • You can now easily find threads that you’ve previously viewed.
  • Better text formatting.
  • Threads now update in real time without needing to refresh.
  • Threads now infinitely scroll – no more navigating page by page.
  • The forums will also remember what you’ve read and where you left off!

Sorting and Search
  • A new “Advanced Search” feature will make looking for older posts easier.
  • You can now sort posts by “Top” or “Latest” with configurable timeframes.

  • You can now enable notifications for when you are tagged in posts and replies.

  • The “report post” feature has been upgraded to a flagging system with multiple options.

You can also check the new forums syntax guide and details about trust levels, written by one of our forum MVPs.

The transition is expected to happen later this month, and please keep in mind that the current forums will be available in a read-only state for a short period of time. As such, be sure to save your favorite conversations elsewhere if you plan to revisit old memories in the future. New posts will automatically be directed to the new platform.
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RT @ThePylonShow: Our 1 year anniversary VOD is now live: 🎉🍾🎂🍕🎉 From @Artosis, @iNcontroLTV, @CobraVe7nom7 and the…

Cydra submitted Campaign Achievement Issue 67 days ago
There is currently an issue with the Feats of Strength and banner rewards that are newly added in Patch 4.8.4. We're already looking into the case, and working on a solution.

Our apologies for the trouble, and thank you for your understanding!
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Heads up, #TwitchPrime members - the Swann: Machined bundle is now available! Unlock the Swann Co-op Commander, Ann…

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@IAmVirrad Check back tomorrow! 😉

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The #TwitchPrime Abathur: Evolved Bundle expires on April 11! Claim before time runs out to unlock your Co-op Comma…

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Today, once again, we look at the stars with a new sense of wonder... #EHTBlackHole

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RT @esportstarcraft: We agree with these very legitimate and not-Photoshopped-at-all crowd signs 😜 @TLnet have released their Best Games o…

Caterpepi commented on Anyone else getting bad connection 69 days ago
Hey, DEVIN! Could you grab a traceroute test to US West (IP: )? When did this problem start? Has it been around a week or so since it started appearing?
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Patch 4.8.4 is now live - including bug fixes, the new Mr. Sheng announcer, and five new Feats of Strength for all…

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Remember - War Chest: Katowice 2019 ends on April 11! Bonus XP is live now - be sure to unlock all your rewards! L…

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04/04/2019 06:21 AMPosted by PsYChiC We'd love a video of you at work in your office. The real StarEdit

Real life footage of Grant in his office:
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Check out the latest Developer Update in which Lead Software Engineer Grant Davies gives a quick update on StarCraf…

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