GrantTheAnt commented on Patch 1.23.0 Notes 18 days ago
You could try a Scan & Repair in the Blizzard launcher?
GrantTheAnt commented on Patch 1.23.0 Notes 18 days ago
Historically, legacy battlenet accounts are erased after a few months (3?) of inactivity.
Matt_Sherman commented on Patch 1.23.0 Notes 18 days ago

Hey All

We’ve just released a maintenance patch which includes the following fixes:

-Fixed an issue that allowed units to receive Pylon power.
-Fixed an issue LAN/Bonjour affecting Korean IGR players
-Added some extra profanity filtering for the CN Region.


Matt_Sherman submitted Enabling 64-bit 19 days ago

Hey all –

With the release of Patch 1.23.0, we hit a significant future-proofing milestone for StarCraft which was the distribution of a 64bit bit binary.

We plan to roll this out in phases, with this phase being an opt-in. If you are interested in helping test 64bit or if you’re running the latest macOS beta, please give it a go!

Steps to enable 64-bit:

  1. Open Blizzard App
  2. At the top left click the down arrow to the right of the Blizzard logo.
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Click on Game Settings
  5. Unclick "Launch 32-bit Client (instead of 64-bit)


Matt_Sherman submitted Public StarEdit download 20 days ago

Attention Map Makers,

As explained here: StarEdit Deprecation in Patch 1.23.0 we’ve recently deprecated our support for StarEdit in favor of SCMDraft 2. We’ve been working towards this (in collaboration with the author of SCMDraft 2) for the last couple of years. SCMDraft 2 is a widely used and superior map editor, and we decided that our engineering resources were better allocated to focusing on the game itself rather than competing with our community.

However, if you are still loyal to StarEdit please find the last working and publically available version for download here:

Please note that StarEdit is no longer officially supported by Blizzard, and in future it is possible that it may stop working entirely due to changes in the game engine.

Once again, thanks for all of the fantastic custom content over the last 20 years!


StarCraft commented on @starcraft 20 days ago

Last chance, Commanders! Complete any match (including Custom and Arcade) before July 30 to unlock the "9 Fine Ye…

Matt_Sherman commented on 2019 Priorities 24 days ago

Hi StarCraft Community,

As we’ve passed the midyear point, I wanted to provide a quick update here. Although none of these were promises, we’ve completed over 40% so far and a bunch more are in the pipe (5x5). Being good Classic Games citizens, we’ve also been lending some of our expertise to the upcoming Warcraft: Reforged product which has some impact. Below are some priority changes to help us laser focus for the second half of the year:

[P1] Racepicking (investigation) —> [P4]
We have some cool ideas on what we’d like to build, supplemented with the help of some passionate community members. At a very high level, the idea is to have a un-ranked MM experience where Racepicking would be allowed. This is still very much in the investigation phase and may or may not make its way into a release.

[P1] Further league divisions (investigation) —>[P4]
The current thinking around this is to add (- and +) ranges as well as an even more uber S-Rank.

[P2] Observer desyncs —> [P3]
We have spent some time looking into this issue. Currently, the investigation is on-hold while we gather more data.

[P2] API to replace the web calls that relied on —> [P4]
Hoping we can squeeze this one into 2019.

[P3] Minimap separator line in certain configs on certain maps —> [P4]

[P3] /stats to show league rank of play (investigation) —> [P4]


StarCraft commented on @starcraft 25 days ago

July 29 marks the nine year anniversary of StarCraft II. Complete any game before July 30 to unlock the "9 Fine Yea…

Matt_Sherman commented on Patch 1.23.0 Notes 26 days ago
Hey everyone, We’ve just released Maintenance patch which contains the following fixes: Original StarCraft maps not displaying for custom games Additional stability support for frequently received crashes. thanks, Matt
StarCraft commented on @starcraft 27 days ago

Thank you for everything, Geoff. StarCraft won't be the same without you.

GrantTheAnt commented on [Poll] Players leaving during countdown 30 days ago

Because the poll was created fewer than 2 weeks before we released the patch. Our build was already in QA RC by that stage - adding new features is not an option at that point.

There’s a whole bunch of investigative and design work that needs to be done before a feature is ready for release. Having progressed through our 2019 Priorities list from the community, this is one of the next features we’re considering, and the first step is determining what level of support there is for the feature in the community. It would be pretty goofy to do it the other way around - to fully develop the feature and then test the water the day before release. To manage your expectations, there is still a long road to travel on this feature.

I would hope the presence of the poll (and the 2019 Priorities thread) would be indicative that listening to our community is exactly what we’re doing.

GrantTheAnt commented on [Poll] Players leaving during countdown 30 days ago
Can you be more specific about which features you’re referring to?
Mck- commented on Patch 1.23.0 Notes 30 days ago
A new day, a new fix. We have just deployed to fix the minimap preview issue. Apologies for the inconvenience. Have a great weekend everyone. Thanks, Mck-
GrantTheAnt commented on Patch 1.23.0 Notes 31 days ago
Looks like we have an issue with minimap previews on the game search screen at the moment. We’ll be investigating further tomorrow.
Mck- commented on Patch 1.23.0 Notes 31 days ago

Good day everyone,

We have just released Maintenance patch You know the drill, it contains more stability improvements, as well as a fix for the accidental enabling of real-time lighting on machines that can not support it. (Responsible for the black screens on Mac Intel cards)


GrantTheAnt commented on Real time lighting again 31 days ago
We introduced a bug in 1.23.0 which allowed systems to access RTL without sufficient hardware to support it. Some systems handled it without too many problems, but in the worst cases it was causing black screens/terrain. It’s possible we can look at it again in the future.
StarCraft commented on @starcraft 31 days ago

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