BlizzardEntertainment submitted Season 3 Is Live – New Rewards Available 33 days ago
BlizzardEntertainment submitted StarCraft II 5.0.5 Patch Notes 49 days ago

Patch 5.0.5 has arrived. Check out the detail!

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BlizzardEntertainment submitted StarCraft II 5.0.4 Patch Notes 78 days ago

Patch 5.0.4 has arrived. Check out the detail!

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StarCraft commented on @starcraft 97 days ago

📝 An update to the StarCraft Community:

BlizzardEntertainment submitted StarCraft II Update - October 15, 2020 97 days ago

We want to let you know about a development change we’re making for StarCraft II.

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Cydra submitted Patch 1.23.6 Notes 105 days ago

Greetings Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors,

Patch 1.23.6 has arrived!

Welcome to Season 8!

New Dark Archon portrait rewards for ranked matchmaking S, A, B, and U.

Map Pool Update
  • (2) Benzene
  • (2) Eclipse
  • (3) Plasma
  • (4) Circuit Breakers
  • (4) Polypoid
  • (4) Ringing Bloom
  • (4) Fighting Spirit
  • S Rank - Top 1% of players
  • A Rank - 7%
  • B Rank - 21%
  • C Rank - 21%
  • D Rank - 21%
  • E Rank - 21%
  • F Rank - 8%

For the first two weeks, ranks will be MMR bucketed based on last season’s data. After which we will switch to the percentage-based breakdown above.

StarCraft commented on @starcraft 121 days ago

RT @Blizzard_Ent: 📢 BlizzConline is set to take place February 19-20, 2021! There's lots of planning left to do, but we wanted to provide…

BlizzardEntertainment submitted 2020 Season 3 Map Preview 125 days ago

2020 Ladder Season 3 brings new 1v1 and Team maps to ladder!

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StarCraft commented on @starcraft 146 days ago

RT @SC2HL: Kings of StarCraft II: INnoVation -

Sorry for the continued delay folks, while the fix is simple we have other simultaneous issues that are causing problems.

We are aware of the issue, and we are working on a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Blizz_RyanS commented on Did the patch break medivacs? 149 days ago

Thanks for the report, we will take a look.

BlizzardEntertainment submitted StarCraft II 5.0.3 Patch Notes 149 days ago

Patch 5.0.3 has arrived. Check out the detail!

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GrantTheAnt commented on Bug in observer mode 152 days ago
Is there an ORL file next to the replay, with the same name? If so, could you send the ORL and the replay file to [email protected]?
Blizz_RyanS commented on Matchmaking broken? 153 days ago

What region?

Blizz_RyanS commented on Matchmaking broken? 153 days ago

Can anyone report whether this is still happening for them?

StarCraft commented on @starcraft 158 days ago

War Chest Team League, welcome to the playoffs! WATCH:

StarCraft submitted 2020 War Chest Team League: Groups Day 6 – Aug 14 159 days ago
For more info on the War Chest Team League, check out
StarCraft commented on @starcraft 160 days ago

War Chest Team League Day 6 is here! Final day before playoffs. Watch Here:

Blizz_monk commented on Balance Update - August 13, 2020 160 days ago

As much as we would love to be that agile and as much as I love the pylon show, this was probably not the case. To give some insight, changes have to be finalized, implemented, QA'd, localized, and signed off. Community updates have to be written, reviewed by multiple stakehoaders, and localized. On average, any community updates or changes the community sees are actually finalized 1-2 weeks (probably closer to 2) before they're released to the public. This particular update had to be expedited because it was book-ended by the large 5.0 release and the start of the upcoming DH Masters season. However, a turnaround time of ~18 hours is probably pushing it.

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