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RT @LowkoTV: Something I am really excited for is coming out next week... What could it be?

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The final phase of War Chest: Katowice 2019 is now available! Tune in to today's WCS Winter broadcast and start e…

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RT @IEM: 🎙️ Meet the voices of #IEM Katowice @StarCraft 2019! @Smix / @Kaelaris / @iNcontroLTV / @YoanMerlo / @x5_PiG / @MaynardeSC2 / @De

Matt Sherman commented on Patch 1.22.3 Notes 4 days ago
Hi all-

We've just released Hotfix patch which includes the following change:

- Reverted the auto refreshing on the game search screen, while maintaining the performance optimizations.

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Discover the secrets 💬 of pro gaming with @SC2_TOP + get your daily dose of War Chest XP! 📺

Balance Team submitted Community Update – February 12, 2019 4 days ago
Hey everyone,

In our last update, we reduced the Stalkers’ Blink upgrade research cost to try and help improve PvZ and PvP matchups. After reading all your recent feedback around the change, including discussions around its impact on TvP matchups, we’ve determined the Blink upgrade cost reduction isn’t necessary at this time, and we’ve decided to revert this change for now. We appreciate all of your feedback and thoughtful discussion around this issue.

• Blink research cost reverted from 100/100 to 150/150

Our current plan is to release this balance update before IEM Katowice on February 21. As always, thank you so much for your feedback, and we encourage you to keep letting us know what you think!

Quality shitpost :)

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Time for more fresh War Chest XP! 🙌 @nathaniastv is Terran it up with Grandmaster play. ➡️

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It's Friday! 🙌 The perfect time for a deep dive into StarCraft topics feat. @Artosis and @iNcontroLTV, plus guests…

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Top-tier Grandmaster play is headed your way! Watch now + earn War Chest XP ➡️📺

Matt Sherman commented on Patch 1.22.3 Notes 10 days ago
Greetings Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors,

We’ve just released Hotfix patch which includes:
- Performance optimizations for the game search screen
- Better refresh on portraits in chat channels
- An updated version of Cross Game (1.08)

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RT @esportstarcraft: The plans have been drawn 🗺️ The contracts have been signed 📜 The pages of history are prepared but not yet written ✍️…

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It's time 🕖 for the @BaseTradeTV 5W's European Invitational! Watch and enjoy 🍿➡️

Matt Sherman commented on where is my season 3 portrait 10 days ago
Hi p0tnik,

Do you have your unranked portrait? As a work around try playing 1 ranked game on another character.

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Ready to improve your ladder game? 👍 @MaynardeSC2 is here to help! 👀

Matt Sherman submitted Cross Game 1.08 11 days ago

We have updated the Cross Game Ranked ladder map to a newer version 1.08.

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Going [🔴 LIVE] soon: "Surviving The Winter" feat. @StarcraftWinter! Tune in now and enjoy challenges and games for…

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Time to level up ⬆️ your War Chest XP w/ @LowkoTV! 🙌

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You've seen Grandmasters play, but what does it take to become one? 🤔 Tune in as @SC2_TOP shares some of his secre…

Matt Sherman commented on Patch 1.22.3 Notes 15 days ago
02/01/2019 01:26 AMPosted by 뫼니에르 Why don't you look this inappropriate graphic error?

We've seen this. Thanks for the report, and we will be investigating.
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