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RT @Blizzard_Ent: Though we aren’t physically together, we’re still united. We love our communities and want you all to be as safe as poss…

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In StarCraft II, we are stronger together! 💪 The free-play level cap on Co-op Commanders will be lifted from now th…

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Nuclear deals detected 📡 Scope it out:

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Greetings, We’ve just released a hotfix patch to address an issue with Observer mode and Replay UI panels disappearing.
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The War Chest Skin Bundles are now available!

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Thanks for the reports, we’re looking into this.

Hey all,

Historically with our updates, we’ve split up our commanders into small groups, in order to allow ourselves to focus precisely on certain ones with reach revamp. Now that we’ve completed our initial pass on all the commanders, we’re ready to take the next step with a second round of revamps—one that will cover most commanders. Because this is one of the largest revamp updates yet, we’d like to summarize the changes.

Lowering Commander Ramp-Up Time

A common theme for commanders that are currently viewed to be “weaker” is their relatively long ramp-up times. While these commanders can hang with the best of them at maximum supply, they take more time to get a starting army out of the gate and can often fall behind. While differences in ramp-up times are intentional design decisions, we do think there is some room to shore up some of the commanders that are on the extreme end of the spectrum. In the next patch, we’ll be addressing ramp-up for Swann, Karax, Stukov, and Han & Horner, which will generally manifest in one of two forms:

  • Lowering the cost of certain “required” buildings and upgrades in the early game, i.e., evolving the Infested Compound.
  • Lowering the cost of upgrades that lock the full potential of various units.

Reinforcing Karax’s Identity

The lack of power and identity in Karax’s army has been a recurring topic in the Co-op community. In addition, that he has a mastery that negates his expensive unit trait instead of enhancing it feels self-defeating. For these reasons, we’d like to try the following changes:

  • Karax’s level 1 perk now grants all combat units 50% increased Life.
  • Combat Unit Resource Cost Mastery replaced with Combat Unit Life and Shields Mastery. This Mastery increases combat unit Life and Shields by 1% per point, up to a maximum of 30%.

The primary goal of this change is to reinforce Karax’s identity as a master Phasesmith. As a commander that typifies strong defense, we wanted to reinforce the fantasy of his masterwork creations being a bit more durable, which synergizes with Reconstruction Beam. While we considered other bonuses such as attack speed and damage, we wanted to avoid pushing Karax’s maxed army to be wholly more powerful than that of other Protoss commanders.

Tweaking “Weaker” Units

Finally, we’ll be doing a power pass on units that often feel weak, including (but not limited to) Kerrigan’s Brood Lords, Abathur’s Ravagers, and Zagara’s Bile Launchers, and various units for Swann and Alarak.

This is just a small taste of what we have in store for everyone, and we’re excited to share with you what’s to come. Stay tuned!

Kevin Dong

Lead Co-op Designer

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Thank you, we are working to resolve this issue. The 1.0 version and non observer map will be uploaded asap.
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Greetings Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors,

Patch 1.23.3 has arrived!

Welcome to Season 6!

  • Season 6 will start about an hour after Patch 1.23.3 goes live.
  • New Ultralisk portrait rewards for ranked matchmaking S, A, B, and U.

Map Pool update:

  • (2) Hitchhiker
  • (2) New Bloody Ridge
  • (3) New Sylphid
  • (3) La Mancha
  • (4) Escalade
  • (4) Fighting Spirit
  • (4) Circuit Breakers


  • S Rank - Top 1% of players
  • A Rank - 7%
  • B Rank - 21%
  • C Rank - 21%
  • D Rank - 21%
  • E Rank - 21%
  • F Rank - 8%

For the first two weeks, ranks will be MMR bucketed based on last season’s data. After which we will switch to the percentage-based breakdown above.


  • Colors: Fixed issue where 32 and 64 bit could be assigned different random colors.
  • Colors: Fixed issue where choosing random could still permit disallowed colors.
  • Colors: Tightened restrictions on similar colors to ensure players are easily distinguishable from one another.
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RT @DarkHorseComics: The @StarCraft Terran Battlecruiser Ship Replica is available for pre-order now! This mini ship replica is 6” long, po…

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This may be your antivirus software blocking the Blizzard Browser.exe from running (which is the web browser we use to do these UI screens). You may need to add this as an exclusion to your antivirus software.

Can you say which software (incl version) you’re using and we’ll try to reproduce it internally?

When was this replay created?
Yep, we’ve received the replay - thanks for that. However, the issue has not been investigated yet.
SCIIDev commented on StarCraft II Community API Update 61 days ago

January Update
We are confident we have found a good option for returning the StarCraft II Community APIs to service and have begun that work. We are not able to commit to a specific timeline for this work to be completed, but we will provide another update on our status in February.

GrantTheAnt commented on Multiple Error Codes at startup 77 days ago
Looks like it’s having trouble reading the game data from disk. You might need to try an uninstall/reinstall.
GrantTheAnt commented on Player Colors are NOT sync'd 78 days ago
Thanks for the report. We’ve got a fix in testing now.
And if you do submit a broken replay, could you please let us know at which point in time you believe it breaks? i.e. a description of what actually happened vs what the replays shows? That would really help to narrow the scope of the investigation.
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RT @RAPiDCasting: More @StarCraft player keyboards at the #ACS Qualifier in Daegu.

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RT @esportstarcraft: We’re excited to announce the future of StarCraft II esports. Our 3-year deal with ESL will help create a longstanding…

Do you have a replay you could share so that we can investigate?
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