GrantTheAnt submitted Group matchmaking timeline update 3 hours ago

Hi folks,

We’ve been wanting to deliver a group matchmaking feature since release. On last year’s Pylon Show at BlizzCon, I indicated that we were pushing the release until this year (2019). Recently, it’s become apparent that we cannot deliver this feature this year.

Although it’s probably little consolation, to give some context as to why it is taking longer than anticipated: since we’re a small team juggling many priorities, for large tasks like this we’re reliant on receiving help from various other teams. We’ve made progress in this area, but thus far the planets have not aligned to receive all the help we need just yet.

We’re also exploring other, more creative avenues to get the work done. And as far as good news goes, the SCR team has been working on this feature since last year, and a decent portion of the work is complete - just not to the point of release readiness yet.

Group MM has been one of our highest priorities for some time. It’s a feature we’d love to deliver and something we’re pushing for constantly and will continue pushing for.

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GrantTheAnt commented on SC:R v Crashing Encountering Unexpected Error 5 days ago
Could you try a Scan & Repair and see whether this resolves the issue for you?
Matt_Sherman commented on Matchmaking broken&offline at the moment? 6 days ago
Hi there, Can you please let us know if this is still occurring? thanks Matt
GrantTheAnt commented on Patch 1.23.1 Notes 7 days ago

Just a quick note to say that we’re listening to all the opinions on the colors - and thanks all for the feedback. We’ll make some changes based on suggestions here to find a happy medium - with the goal of addressing concerns regarding similar colors but at the same time not removing all of the new colors (since plenty of people are liking them).

So let’s see how these changes go and circle back after the next patch.

Matt_Sherman commented on Enabling 64-bit 12 days ago
64-bit is now the default. Windows-32 users can enable 32-bit via the following steps: Open Blizzard App At the top left click the down arrow to the right of the Blizzard logo. Go to Settings Click on Game Settings
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GrantTheAnt commented on EUD String modification broken in 1.23.1 16 days ago
I’ve reached out via Discord last week. Once we get more info on this issue, we’ll investigate fixing it.
Matt_Sherman commented on Patch 1.23.1 Notes 20 days ago
We’ve seen a lot of positive and constructive feedback regarding the colors feature. There may be some room for improvement, and we’d like your help!
Matt_Sherman submitted Unranked Multiplayer race choosing poll 21 days ago


We’ve recently implemented a change from the community priorities list:

  • Players in unranked multiplayer games must now choose a race before a game can start. This should help folks that get stuck with a race they didn’t intend to play, and hopefully result with fewer people immediately leaving games.

Please let us know how you feel about the change.

    • I like it, keep it!
    • Not a fan, please revert it.

0 voters


GrantTheAnt commented on Patch 1.23.1 Notes 21 days ago
Thanks for the report. We’ll get this fixed in a maintenance patch.
Matt_Sherman submitted Patch 1.23.1 Notes 22 days ago

1.23.1 Patch Notes

Greetings Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors,

Patch 1.23.1 has arrived!

Features and Improvements:

  • Players may now select their preferred color in unranked multiplayer games. Additionally, we’ve extended the available color palette.

  • Worker counts have been added to the Replay UI.

  • Additional voice lines for game start and game end have been added to the “Voices of Legend” announcer packs.

  • Players in unranked multiplayer games must now choose a race before a game can start. This should help folks that get stuck with a race they didn’t intend to play, and hopefully result with fewer people immediately leaving games.

  • Players will now re-join their previously used chat channel when logging back into This change was made for the folks that would prefer not to view/engage in default chat channels.

Note: Players can re-join the default chat channel via the channel list - the first entry will always be the default channel


  • String limits have been updated for map makers
  • Minor bug fixes

Additionally, please note that we will be updating the desktop APP to execute the 64bit version of SCR by default in the coming weeks. (32-bit will remain as an option for Windows users).

GrantTheAnt commented on Hacking and StarCraft 26 days ago
The outage on US West was simply a software failure in the automatic deploy process, not an attack.
StarCraft commented on @starcraft 26 days ago

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GrantTheAnt commented on Hacking and StarCraft 30 days ago

Hey folks,

Regarding the DOS/DDOS attacks, we have taken action on the perpetrator based on the evidence provided, so thank you for that.

It sounds like the attacks are happening outside of Blizzard’s domain. Ultimately, there is nothing we can do to prevent a DOS (or DDOS) attack which occurs outside of the Blizzard infrastructure.

However, here are some suggestions to try as preventative action:

  • Alert your ISP to the attack, providing as much data as you can. The penalties for DOS attacks are severe these days (even for threatening an attack) and your ISP will likely take this seriously, especially if you have IP addresses and timestamps of the attack. On top of following up with law enforcement, they may be able to provide additional protections on their side.
  • If it’s a DOS attack rather than a DDOS attack, you should be able to configure your router to block all traffic from the IP address. It’s unlikely to be a true DDOS, as these are expensive and non-trivial to coordinate. It’s unlikely to be more than a handful of offending IP addresses that you/your ISP could block.
  • As previously suggested, disable "prefer port 6112" in the SCR options, and ensure your router is not forwarding port 6112. By default, your router should not be permitting random traffic to any port to reach your network. If you have manually forwarded port 6112 or other ports on your router, these are potential vulnerabilities.
  • If you have a dynamic IP address, re-lease your IP address to try to get a different one.
  • As has already been suggested in this thread, using a VPN will allow you to easily cycle through various IP addresses. The VPN provider may also be able to filter out traffic from the offending IP address.
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