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RT @ThePylonShow: Ep.#47 VoD of #ThePylonShow This week we discuss the Differences across @StarCraft Regions, Perso…

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INCOMING TRANSMISSION📡 It’s time for an upgrade! Replenish your arsenal at the #BlizzardGear store. ➡️…

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Cydra submitted Campaign Achievement Issue 8 days ago
There is currently an issue with the Feats of Strength and banner rewards that are newly added in Patch 4.8.4. We're already looking into the case, and working on a solution.

Our apologies for the trouble, and thank you for your understanding!
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Heads up, #TwitchPrime members - the Swann: Machined bundle is now available! Unlock the Swann Co-op Commander, Ann…

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@IAmVirrad Check back tomorrow! 😉

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The #TwitchPrime Abathur: Evolved Bundle expires on April 11! Claim before time runs out to unlock your Co-op Comma…

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Today, once again, we look at the stars with a new sense of wonder... #EHTBlackHole

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Hey, DEVIN! Could you grab a traceroute test to US West (IP: )? When did this problem start? Has it been around a week or so since it started appearing?
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Patch 4.8.4 is now live - including bug fixes, the new Mr. Sheng announcer, and five new Feats of Strength for all…

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Remember - War Chest: Katowice 2019 ends on April 11! Bonus XP is live now - be sure to unlock all your rewards! L…

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04/04/2019 06:21 AMPosted by PsYChiC We'd love a video of you at work in your office. The real StarEdit

Real life footage of Grant in his office:
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Check out the latest Developer Update in which Lead Software Engineer Grant Davies gives a quick update on StarCraf…

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RT @esportstarcraft: WHAT: ❄️ The WCS Winter Finals ❄️ WHEN: This Saturday and Sunday, from 8 a.m. PDT/5 p.m. CEST. WHO: You, me, @iNcont

StarCraft submitted StarCraft: Remastered Developer Update 5 15 days ago
Lead Software Engineer Grant Davies gives a quick update on StarCraft: Remastered including the Public Test Realm announcement!
Cydra submitted Developer Update - April 4 16 days ago
Hello everyone,

Check out our latest developer update video, in which Lead Software Engineer Grant Davies gives a quick update on StarCraft: Remastered. As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback!
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04/03/2019 01:04 PMPosted by fazek42
Hi folks!
One of the main problems with ranked play is that foreigners cannot easily match with Koreans

Great news. This will work for EU to NA as well I assume?

Correct - it's a general solution.
Grant Davies commented on Public Test Realm 17 days ago
A "good" TR is currently set to 16.

You'll still be able to use a VPN if you so choose. We want to get to a place where there is no meaningful benefit to using a VPN. By measuring actual latency rather than guessing latency based on location, it removes the VPN from the equation (from that point of view, at least). It will hopefully solve two problems - those folks who should be matching vs Koreans due to their good connectivity will no longer require a VPN, and those folks who have terrible connectivity to Korea who are tricking the matchmaker and getting super laggy matchups with Koreans will no longer be able to do this.

Net code - it depends what you mean by net code. If you consider the matchmaking algorithm to be a part of that, which is a sense it is since it has a dramatic effect on latency, then yes we are still working on that. If you mean the UDP connectivity code, we're limited in what more we can do with that. I agree, latency in a group matchmaking environment has always been a concern for us.

And yes, we're open to using PTR in whatever way gives us all the most value. If that's experimental features, then that's great.
Grant Davies submitted Public Test Realm 17 days ago
Hi folks!

Some exciting news… SCR is getting a Public Test Realm (PTR). This means we can share features/code/whatever with you earlier than ever before. It also means the things we’ll be sharing won’t be in a production ready state. PTR means slightly different things to different game teams, so I think it’s worth explaining what PTR means to our team. We have a small dev team on SCR, and in order for PTR to not detract from our efforts to keep releasing content, we won’t be rigorously testing our PTR releases. More specifically, that means:
  • There will be bugs & instability
  • We may change the build and environment often
  • PTR data/settings/profiles are different & separate to your live ones, and we may wipe or change PTR data as needed (i.e. we won’t be applying the same level as care to PTR as we do with our live environment)
  • There may well be more lag in-game, especially if you’re not in Korea (most of our PTR infrastructure is housed in Korea)
  • ...
  • You get the idea

Some exciting things we’re planning to release on PTR very soon:
  • Keyboard commands working when the mouse is held down.
  • Cloud settings framework refactor - as some people still report that cloud settings are lost or not uploaded. Although we cannot prevent physical failures in transporting network packets to/from the cloud, we’re developing a more robust solution that will handle fail cases as gracefully and completely as possible. This deploy is sharing our “first look” at this. If we hear positive reports, we’ll merge the code into the main branch for our next major release.
  • Matchmaking algorithmic changes. One of the main problems with ranked play is that foreigners cannot easily match with Koreans, even when they have good latency connections, and people are using VPNs as a workaround. This new algorithm should match people using actual ping data rather than estimates, and will hopefully match folks from outside Korea with Korea as long as their ping data looks like it can achieve a good TR. Similarly, regardless of the presence of a VPN, if the connection is not good enough for a good TR connection, they will not be matched with Korean players. It should also be noted that since we do not expect a high population on PTR, combined with our PTR infrastructure being largely in Korea, we’re mostly testing ranked stability as well as pulling some useful real-world data from the server.

PTR will be an “opt-in” experience from the Blizzard Launcher. You can opt in and out at any time.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on our PTR builds!
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