So far the role passives have been great, and helped quite a bit with both balance and hero design, in general.

have always thought that one of the things that was a balance point in the support roster was that Mercy and Zen have a passive self heal but can't heal themselves under fire. Now the supports that are able to heal themselves while under fire are additionally getting a passive self heal. Is this something you have considered? Should Mercy and Zen also get a way to heal themselves while under fire?

Yep, this is something that we talked about quite a bit when working on these passives. We still want Mercy and Zen to be better at healing themselves, but we're just raising the minimum self-healing bar from zero to "some small amount". As we're designing support heroes, this is a constant question we struggled with in the past and this role passive allows us more flexibility in designing future heroes.

Does it really make sense for a hero that slows you down (Mei) to also passively move faster than you? What about heroes that already moved faster? Are they now moving too fast?

Currently the movement bonus that dps heroes get is very small, but can still be impactful in these kinds of situations you mentioned. Overwatch is a game that has an insane amount of mobility, so this change is somewhat of a drop in the bucket compared to what heroes can do with their abilities (especially for a hero like Mei, who has no other significant mobility options). We're still very much in testing on these so we'll see what sticks and what needs to be changed or removed.

What is your planned direction for the design/balance of support heroes for making sure they are still impactful?

Even in this 5v5 environment, Supports are still feeling very impactful. In many ways, they are actually more impactful than in OW1 currently. In 5v5, there is less damage going around to both teams, coupled with the ability to focus heavily onto your single tank it becomes actually easier for both teams to sustain longer fights.

Which leads directly into the next question

It seems like you want to move away from healing considering the 25% healing reduction, but you also nerfed the utility with the removal of brig's stun and cooldown increase on Ana's sleep dart. Some people have brought up that you maybe want supports to frag more but why play a support over a dps at that point? It's just very confusing what you are trying to so.

Theres 2 parts to this question so let me break it down.

  • The healing reduction was an attempt at combating the first question/answer here, where sometimes fights can sustain for too long and it felt like it was too hard to confirm kills with 1 less player per team dealing damage. That, and we were trying to make "poke" damage be more meaningful. Right now, even in OW1, sometimes it can feel like shooting an enemy is doing nothing but feeding your enemy supports ultimate charge. That said we already backed out of this specific change internally, but we still have similar goals and we're looking at other iterations.
  • The utility nerfs to Brig's stun and Ana's sleep dart are more a response to trying to chill out crowd control effects from the game, and less about having them frag more. Ana's sleep dart is extremely strong but its also a great playmaking tool and leads to some sweet highlights and counterplay opportunities (I've seen more videos of clutch sleeps on a flying Pharah or Genji ult online than maybe any other support highlight). So its not likely that we'll remove Ana's sleep dart, but other non-tank CC's we've been taking a hard look at and trying to change them to remove the CC component and buff it in other ways, which leads to the next question:

Also, is Brig's shield bash just a place holder for now or is the increased damage with no other effect the final product?

I think it wasn't super clear all the changes that Brig's shield bash has gone through from just the video. Some notes on how it has changed

  • It lost it's Stun (that much was clear)
  • It can go through barriers once again (this was removed a while ago in a balance patch to try to address concerns with Brig vs. Rein/Orisa etc)
  • It deals more damage, once again. This damage was all but removed in a previous balance patch to try to reduce her stun combos, but now it can retain this damage.
  • It's damage now triggers Inspire. Initially I actually thought this might feel like a minor change but upon playtesting I found this to be extremely helpful. You can shield bash enemies to trigger inspire and move to safety without ever lowering your shield.
  • It travels much further, almost twice as far. It is much more useful as a mobility tool in this version.
  • It has a much reduced cooldown. Its not really important how much of a cooldown reduction it has right now, as it is likely to change as we iterate on the balance of the game, but what is important is that having a reduced cooldown combined with the ability to travel much further makes her generally a lot more mobile so she can escape or be aggressive a lot more easily as needed.

Its funny, I actually tried to throw him some buffs right before the build went out but I missed the deadline slightly.

He has been pretty tricky to tune with his rework, but it was great to see him playtested by these great players. I feel like his new design is solid, its really just a matter of getting his numbers into a good place now. Since this playtest, we've buffed him in a number of ways: He moves faster in sentry mode, his ult starts dropping faster (though the projectile moves slower so you can see it a bit more), his recon fire rate has been increase, and other buffs.

The tricky thing though, is when playing him it can feel like you still get thrashed pretty hard because he is such a large hero, he is very easy to target and hit with everything (especially when he gets discorded, etc). There is a lot we can tweak with that as well though, such as increasing his passive (Ironclad) to offer more protection while transformed. We also have new tuning knobs to help control his Sentry mode, since it now has a cooldown and duration associated with it.

So far, broadly speaking, we've found that supports are often more safe in a 5v5 environment because there is one less tank trying to dive and take them out. There are instances where this isn't true, like Sombra and her rework trying to assassinate them, or being sniped easier without a lot of barriers to hide behind, etc. In those situations sometimes its a matter of just trying to position more carefully or maybe Sombra just being bit too OP right now :P

Initially we were worried that supports without mobility to escape might be weak in this environment, but so far we've actually seen Zen/Ana being very strong instead of weak, because of the nature of their offensive capabilities in a 5v5 environment.

The biggest change here is the less ult gain from tanks. We haven't actually modified and ultimate costs outside of this change (and the implicit 5v5 changes, obviously).

Having ults happen less often was something we were targeting early on, and this tank change largely accomplished this for us by itself. This is something thats super easy to iterate on though, and im sure we'll be tweaking it throughout the game's development/beta etc.

This is something we've been experimenting with, and talking a lot about. No hero has moved roles yet though, but we've started testing Doomfist as a tank (as previously mentioned)

Doomfist's kit is full of crowd control effects and mobility, which makes it difficult to tune and balance him as a DPS in OW2. As a Tank though, he can keep those key properties to his kit since those can fit nicely into a Tank role (mostly the crowd control stuff).

Of course this means he'll be losing some damage and gaining some defenses. This is still being tested and iterated on, so I dont have a ton of details on it yet as it is still in the early stages. Some of the early feedback so far is that he's not really feeling like a tank without having at least one active defensive button (his main defenses are passive atm), so thats something we'll probably try next.

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Hiya Booka. We’re aware of the bug with Valk and are working on a fix for a future update. Unfortunately I’m not prepared to comment about your Switch performance issues, however I can certain pass that feedback along to the team. Thanks for reporting!
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Catch up with Overwatch concept artists to discover how they designed legendary new looks for three heroes.

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Bad to the bone. ⚔️ ☠️ Fracture the competition as Skeleton Genji (Epic) now through Oct 19. Play. Win. Earn. Ove…

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Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of all currently tracked issues affecting this build of Overwatch, rather this is a targeted list of some known specific issues with this release.

Patch 1.65 Heroes


  • Subtitles are missing for one of Ana’s “No” voice lines.


  • Briggite’s Rocket Flail can appear translucent with the Vampire Hunter skin equipped.

Soldier: 76

  • The Grillmaster highlight intro is currently unavailable in-game.

Eichenwalde: Halloween

  • Attacking the pianos on the map can cause loud breaking sounds.

JunkenStein Modes

  • Players may not receive credit for completeing Junkenstein challenges.
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Hey all, We’re aware of this issue. It will be addressed in an upcoming update. Sorry for the inconvenience. I feel your pain since I use this Highlight myself.
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@bruixamaduixa_ looks to use like whoever made this just recorded over some old footage. No need to read too much into it

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PlayOverwatch commented on @PlayOverwatch 4 days ago

@ZenofyMedia It looks to use like whoever made this just recorded over some old footage. I wouldn't read too much into it

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@DvaGNoelleAyaka looks like whoever made this just recorded over some old footage. I wouldn't read too much into it

PlayOverwatch commented on @PlayOverwatch 4 days ago

@azix__ It looks to us like whoever made this just recorded over some old footage. No need to read too much into it

PlayOverwatch commented on @PlayOverwatch 4 days ago

@Bromelon58 It looks to us like whoever made this just recorded over some old footage. No need to read too much into it

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Boo-yah! Earn spooky cosmetics, win bewitching weekly rewards, and give your foes a fright in Junkenstein's Reven…

Overwatch Retail Patch Notes – October 12, 2021

A new patch is now live on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Read below to learn more about the latest changes.

To share your feedback, please post in the General Discussion forum.
For a list of known issues, visit our Bug Report forum.
For troubleshooting assistance, visit our Technical Support forum.


Overwatch Halloween Terror returns!

During this spine-chilling in-game event, expand your collection with spooky new cosmetics and experience our limited-time PvE brawl in the chilling tale of Junkenstein’s Revenge. Face the terror of six Junkenstein’s Revenge Challenges, diabolical twists on Dr. Junkenstein’s sordid plans. Plus, overcome weekly challenges by playing Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade to earn a series of unique rewards! Throughout the event, unlock new seasonal items—including legendary skins like Draugr Reinhardt, Satyr Lucio, and Vampire Hunter Brigitte—to add to our growing collection from previous years.


Season 4 of Competitive Team Deathmatch has begun!


Tuned reverb (or acoustic spaces) to address feedback regarding clarity in certain interior locations



New Hero Setting Guardian Angel Target Priority

  • “Facing Target Only” (Previously “Guardian Angel Prefers Beam Target: Off”): Guardian Angel will only ever fly the the ally you are aiming at.
  • “Prefer Beam Target” (Previously “Guardian Angel Prefers Beam Target: On”): Guardian Angel will fly to your beam target if you have one, if not it will attempt to use the ally you are aiming at.
  • “Prefer Facing target” (NEW): Guardian Angel will fly to the ally you are aiming at. If there is not one, it will attempt to use your beam target.
  • Behavior change: Holding down the button for Guardian Angel while using “Toggle Guardian Angel: On”, will now activate once a valid target is found.


  • We’ve made additional changes to improve the detection of AFK players at the start of a match, including when attackers are forced back into their spawn rooms by an aggressive defense.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause players to die immediately after the respawn timer expires before returning to the spawn room
  • Fixed a bug that caused the waveform asset on voiceline previews to not animate properly



  • Fixed a bug that allowed Symmetra turrets to shoot through one sided collision around the point on the Downtown map

Lijiang Tower

  • Fixed a bug that caused some third person sound effects to sound muffled when near the point on the Night Market map



  • Fixed a bug that caused the reticle effect on her scope to appear incorrectly when the Haroeris skin is equipped


  • Fixed a bug that caused her ankles to bend awkwardly when positioned on certain uneven terrain


  • Fixed a bug with the Sand Castle skin description that references Summer Games 2021 rather than Summer Games 2020


  • Fixed a bug with the MEKA Activated highlight intro being centered incorrectly when previewed in a loot box on the Kanezaka map


  • Fixed a bug that caused several Mercy skins to not display their friendly clone visual effects hair overlays when using the Valkyrie ability


  • Fixed a bug with deflect sound effects not ending if the ability is canceled early if the Pacific All Star Genji skin is equipped


  • Fixed a bug that could cause Guardian Angel to be canceled if the target moves away quickly


  • Fixed a bug that allowed Reinhardt to perform an extra jump after falling from high area while performing Earthshatter


  • Fixed a bug that caused spectators to be unable to see an invisible Sombra while spectating her in third person


  • Fixed a bug that caused Photon Barrier to continue to block damage after the visual effects despawn


  • Fixed a bug that caused both the hammer and rivet gun to appear together during the Overload emote if the Ironclad or Chief Engineer Lindholm skins are equipped
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