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Courtesy of the Deadlock Gang. Get in there as Mardi Gras Ashe(Epic) now through May 31. Play. Win. Earn. Overwatc…

Heroes of Overwatch, let's talk data!

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Heroes of Overwatch, let's talk data!

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To all the heroes in the Overwatch Community, cheers to 6 years! 🎉 Happy Anniversary 🎉 🎨 : @mele_ck

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Did someone call a doctor? Get back into the fight as Dr. Ziegler Mercy (Legendary) now through May 24. Play. Win.…

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Let's get started! Play for the win with 6 remixed legendary skins. Overwatch Anniversary Remix: Vol. 2 is NOW LI…


Yeah, I was honestly expecting more data from this beta to be shown

We’ll be sharing more data and information from this beta phase in a separate post that’s currently being worked on. This blog was meant as a “thanks for testing”, and to set expectations on when you can expect to hear from the team about our future plans.

TLDR: it’s coming, just not today

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Coming through. Save the date for an #Overwatch2 Event on June 16, where we will share our plan for the months ah…

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Beauty can be found where everything is in harmony. /\ / \ | | | | | | \ \ / / \ \ | | | |…

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BOOYAH! It's time to climb the charts with Overwatch Anniversary Remix: Vol. 2 featuring all seasonal brawls, Week…

Our first Overwatch 2 PvP Beta has ended!

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Our first Overwatch 2 PvP Beta has ended!

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Overwatch Retail Patch Notes – May 17, 2022

To share your feedback, please post in the General Discussion forum.
For a list of known issues, visit the Bug Report forum.
For troubleshooting assistance, visit the Technical Support forum.

GENERAL Overwatch Remix: Vol. 2

It’s the sixth anniversary of Overwatch, and we are expanding the annual event into a three-volume series. Let’s up the tempo with Volume 2, featuring new remixed Legendary skins like Poison Dart Lucio, Dark Wolf Hanzo, Hydra Symmetra, and more. We are also bringing back past weekly challenges in case you missed out on these stylish skins: Dr. Ziegler Mercy, Mardi Gras Ashe, and Maestro Sigma. Play Overwatch Remix: Vol. 2 May 17 – June 7 to secure these legendary skins, earn weekly rewards, and play all of your favorite seasonal brawls.

Overwatch League Kickoff Clash Skin

Celebrate the Overwatch League Kickoff Clash with the Luchador Reaper Legendary Skin! This skin is purchasable for a limited time with Overwatch League Tokens.

  • Fixed a bug where Roadhog’s and Junkrat’s idle animations play while they are frozen
  • Fixed a bug where Reaper’s shotguns would scale up in size during his “Slice” emote
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@TarnishedUncle After years and years of Swedish Fika, Torbjorn's stomach has built a nice resistance to hot liquids. 🔥

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Let’s hustle! Slide into the action as Sojourn before #Overwatch2 PVP Beta ends May 17 @ 11am PT!

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Let's get this party started! 🎉 Overwatch Anniversary Remix: Vol. 2 begins May 17.

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The team is back for another developer blog after week 2 of the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta!

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RT @overwatchleague: The action continues 💥 Tune in for Day 2 of #OWL2022 Opening Weekend! 📺

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Welcome to Season 34 of Competitive Play

Season 34 of Competitive Play is here!

Unlocked at level 25, Competitive Play is designed for those players who want to put their skills to the test, and offers a more serious experience than our Quick Play or Arcade Modes.


Before you can kick off your competitive career, every player will be required to complete five placement matches in a selected role to obtain their seasonal skill rating for that role. Within the standard Role Queue competitive mode, players will earn separate skill ratings (SR) for each role in Competitive Play, for a total of three distinct SRs. This rating will be a number between 1 and 5000, with higher values indicating a greater skill level. Players will also be assigned a tier per role based on their rating—Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, or Grandmaster – and climbing into the next tier is possible as you improve. Open Queue will utilize the same rating and tier system, but since there is no Role Queue system, you will have a separate, single SR reflective of your performance across all heroes within this game mode.

Skill ratings and tier icons will be visible at the beginning of every match. As you compete, your selected role or Open Queue skill rating will increase or decrease with each win or loss based on a number of factors, including your own performance and the skill of the other players in the match.

A detailed breakdown of the skill tiers, along with icons and information about the corresponding skill ratings can be found by pressing the “Information” button under the Competitive Play menu.


In addition to experiencing the thrill of victory, players can also unlock unique rewards through Competitive Play. Anyone who completes their placement matches in any role or Open Queue during a Competitive Season will receive a special spray and player icon.

On top of that, as you complete competitive matches, you’ll earn a currency called Competitive Points. When the season concludes, you’ll also receive a number of Competitive Points based on the highest Skill Tier you obtained during the season per role to spend on golden versions of your favorite heroes’ weapons. This also applies to your highest Skill Tier reached within the Open Queue.

Here’s the Skill Rating (SR) to Competitive Point (CP) breakdown:

Per RoleOpen QueueMax Total
Bronze 25 65 140
Silver 50 125 275
Gold 100 250 550
Platinum 200 500 1100
Diamond 300 750 1650
Master 450 1200 2550
Grandmaster 650 1750 3700

The best of the best players compete across five separate Top 500 Leaderboards. Within Role Queue, one for each role, along with an additional combined average leaderboard. The combined Role Queue Top 500 Leaderboard will be based on the player’s average skill rating across all three roles. To be eligible for a role-specific leaderboard, players must complete at least 25 games in that role. To qualify for the combined Top 500 Leaderboard, players must be eligible for all three role-specific leaderboards. Open Queue will have its own Leaderboard that will require at least 50 games played within the game mode for qualification. At the end of the season, players who earn a spot within the Top 500 players for any of these leaderboards on their platform and region will receive an additional player icon and animated spray.

Season 33 is live RIGHT NOW on Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, so power up your favorite gaming machine and join the fight. We’ll see you in-game!

As a reminder, new seasons begin on the first Thursday of every other month. We’ve included a projected 2022 calendar of season start dates below!

Start Date (PDT)
Season 35 July 7, 2022
Season 36 Sept 1, 2022
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Super kick Zenyatta? ✅ Whole hog transformation? ✅ These are just a few highlights from the Overwatch 2 PVP Beta…

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