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I think there's an unspoken rule that we have to cram puns and cheesy one-liners into our patch notes. Not that I'm complaining.

BlizzardEntertainment submitted Heroes of the Storm PTR Patch Notes - November 30, 2021 206 days ago

Our next Heroes of the Storm patch has just hit the Public Test Realm and will be available for playtesting until December 6, PST.

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That's badass, nice job!

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No question only a comment. You're both amazing and I love watching your content. I wish every community I was involved with had people as great as you. Keep up the great work.

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Li Li is my top, then Li-Ming, then Zul'jin.

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With the new Bedside Manner talent at 13, of course! I want big numbers too.


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Morales is my 5th highest level hero and I honestly enjoy playing her, even in less than optimal situations like ARAM.

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Blizz_Daybringer commented on From "Less than a week" to "1 week remaining" 231 days ago

Hello Heroes!

It was me personally that just had to make that date change and trust me, it breaks my heart too! We are so extremely excited to release the next round of content for the game; unfortunately, it just isn't quite ready yet.

Over my past eight years on Heroes, I can confidently say that game-development, while extremely rewarding and fun, is also unrelentingly difficult at times; if something can go wrong, it will - not in the way you expect, but in 10 different ways that has never been seen if you love chaos, please come join us!

Rest assured that the Heroes team is diligently working on finalizing the next patch and we will release it as soon as we can. We love you all and greatly appreciate your patience.

Nothing to share today. Just to set expectations - But I always do love these summoning's.

Hopefully something soon :)

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BlizzKofalt commented on The real reason(s) that sharpshooter isn't taken 270 days ago

We had a very similar discussion internally before releasing Ana's latest changes. You're right, the most direct route to making Sharpshooter competitive is to adjust its consistency.

However, part of what makes Sharpshooter unique is its inconsistency and the struggle involved. So, we're first trying leaning further into its core fantasy. It may not work, but there's always the next patch.

You'll notice that this change is remarkedly different than our change to Debilitating Dart. We don't feel that Debilitating Dart's fantasy is rooted in it's inconsistency, and so our change is solely focusing on making it more reliable.

Before this patch, Maiev would fit right in to that list of difficult Heroes that haven't recently received changes. Her last changes are within a couple months of the last changes to many of those Heroes.

We will continue to change and update difficult Heroes.

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She's growing up so fast *wipes single proud tear from eye*

Hey all, let's chat Maiev's recent changes!

Most of her changes were not focused on increasing Maiev's overall strength, and instead were about rising weaker/under picked talents to be on par with the popular choice. At higher skill levels of play, buffs to weak talents often have a minor impact on a Hero's overall strength, as these players were not picking the weaker talents. That said, there are high skilled Maiev players who picked some of these talents and are now going to be stronger.

So why the new baseline functionality? Simply because her 20 talents are weaker than her fellow Melee Assassins, and it's visible when comparing level 20 talent win rates. More popular Melee Assassins at Master Storm League include Heroes like Zeratul and Alarak, who have incredibly strong options such as Shadow Stride and Hasty Bargain. Maiev's level 20 talents have a wide range of effects with decent parity, which we like, but they don't help her secure wins as often.

Going forward, we are confident that if Maiev does become over dominant that we can address it. It wouldn't surprise us if some of these buffed talents were already strong enough to be a competitive option and they were just simply undervalued. We don't believe any of these recent changes affect Maiev's core identify, so we can easily reduce them or revert them if needed.

So where are we at with Genji? Genji has a powerful base kit, leaving him with many talents that aren't super exciting or strong. Additionally, Genji is our 11th most played Hero, and is viewed and played differently across our many player groups. We remain content with his overall status, and don't believe he needs a rework, but we think we can make some changes to make his talents more exciting and impactful.

Yea I feel similarly, this talent is mostly an attempt to see if I can get 1/4 of Thrall players to move away from Nexus Blades to something with a tad more gameplay.


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Dogeard Canis skin needs to happen.

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