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No, I never did. I got this from a lot of sports, playing baseball and basketball from a young age competitively my entire life. I learned a ton from very good coaches over the years, and became fascinated with sports psychology.

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When you're trying to improve as a player in a competitive game, each game focus on 1 specific thing to get better at. View it as a personal win if you accomplish that one thing that you really want to focus on. After you do this many times and it becomes second nature, you can move onto the next thing.

Now the key is to find a good list of things, but that's part of the journey of improving! Just a few examples:

  • Taking an Easy Merc camp as soon as you can when the map event isn't up.
  • Every 30 seconds, look at the minimap to see if there are any lanes where experience should be soaked.
  • Every 30 seconds, look at the minimap and ask yourself "is my position on the map safe right now, or could enemies gank me?"
  • Focus on landing one of your skill shots (specifically just 1) as much as possible
  • Using your Healing Fountain as soon as it will give you a full heal (eventually you'll realize when you should save it, but I've found that newer players don't use it as often as they could)
  • Focus on being at high Health and Mana before every map event
  • If you're a damage dealer, try to follow up the tanks engage and damage whoever he uses his CC on
  • If you're a tank, try to make sure that your damage dealers are within range to damage whoever you engage on

There's a good list of things here on this reddit or on various Heroes websites. What I personally do is look at anyone successful (streamers or youtubers are great places to start) and when you watch them try to see some small details that they're doing different or better than you. But the key is to focus on 1 thing at a time and really lock that down, otherwise you'll become overwhelmed with 100 different things and do none of them well.

I've found it really helps to actually keep a list next to me on things I want to improve on. Again, specificity helps! If your goal is too broad (do a bunch of damage in a team fight), you can't quantify and therefore it's more difficult to improve at it. I would break down those broad goals into smaller ones, like "always maintain full stacks of Hatred on Valla" or "use my Abilities on cooldown as Jaina".

If you really want to get serious about improving, watch your replays after a couple games and keep an open mind. When you see something that goes wrong, don't blame your teammates, but instead ask yourself "was there anything I could have done differently to improve the outcome here, assuming my teammates make the same choices?"

Another common trap that stagnates a player's ability to improve is to claim that your allies are the source of your losses. This can be true to a degree, but you'll notice that some of the best players win in spite of allied mistakes. Truth is, both teams are making mistakes due to this being such a complicated game. Since you can't literally control your teammates actions, focus on what you can control, which are yours.

Never get frustrated! This is a game! While you should play to win, you need to find small moments of victory within every game. Congratulate yourself (and your teammates) on great plays, even the smallest. Positive thinking is contagious, and snowballs into further positive thinking. When people get frustrated or toxic, it's okay, they're people with complex emotions. Don't let it bother you, and keep moving forward with your goals in mind!

TLDR: If you wanna get better at anything, be deliberate. Keep your big goal in mind to motivate you, but set a series of small tangible goals that you can accomplish right now that will keep you on the right path. HAVE FUN IMPROVING, not just "being the best".

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Super fun! I'm a fan.

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Hey, thanks for noticing!

Battlefield of Eternity being removed from the ranked rotation was a bug. It should be back to 11 maps soon (probably a couple weeks). Sorry for the issue!

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The short answer is yes.

We look here and on our forums a good amount to get community sentiment on what changes we make to the game.

Heroes is a gigantic game when you consider all of the hero and talent interactions that are possible. I've had many instances where a random post alerts me to how something could be better that I otherwise would have missed, which prompts a change in the future.

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Pick Rate:

Fanatacism: 25.2% Holy Renewal 52.9% Imposing Presence: 21.9%

Win Rate:

Fanatacism: 58% Holy Renewal: 55.2% Imposing Presence: 55.3%

Keep in mind that Level 16 and 20 talents can be a bit inflated win-rate wise in general due to players winning in those games without the opposing team reaching that level.

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For some additional context, they both have nearly the same pick rates and win rates at higher level play.

P.S. Since its change, Reinforce's win rate is ~2% higher than either of them mwahaha

Oh yeah, definitely!

My mistake!

These are so great!

Brass Knuckle Brightwing and Orphea in the Shell are so unique and cool.

Awesome work by all of these artists!

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Man... now I feel like I have to go make art. Really cool!

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Fun idea!

They all look pretty sly. Keep it up!

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I lost it at the Nova, Ana, Uther part.

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Story time. One of our Blizzard illustrators/concept artists Peter Lee use to draw a tiny Zeratul in almost every mock up he's ever done for Team 1. It's like our very own where's waldo in team meetings.

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I think Oscar told me he started out "just" redrawing art by people he admired! Imitation is a great way to learn anything!

Keep it up.

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Great skin idea! I would be truly horrified to see this running after me carrying a horse.

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These are great! Malfurion/Garrosh is my favorite.

I definitely missed them last year, thanks for re-posting!

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The side view!

So good!

Agreed. I always plug him when people ask who to watch. He's one of my favorite people to watch for Heroes content.

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