Blizz_JeffB commented on Free heroes during coronavirus outbreak 11 days ago

This is a great idea.

Blizz_JeffB commented on Every heroes is free now :D 11 days ago

Trying to do what we can to make staying inside, working from home, or being socially distant right now easier!

Have fun trying out the heroes you have never played before!

Blizz_KinaBREW commented on Every heroes is free now :D 11 days ago

Because we love you?

BlizzKGu commented on Vector Targeted Dread Orb: Making Gall More Fun? 11 days ago

Hi, just wanted to pop back in here for an update.

First, I want to thank u/Zanzure for this awesome showcase of talent. This is truly an incredible community to be a part of.

Now then, to the topic at hand. One of the original goals the team had for Cho'Gall was that we would create a shareable Hero. Cho'Gall was designed as a way for our community to play and share the experience with someone else. That someone else could be anyone, even someone who might not have played Heroes or a MOBA before. Because of this commitment, we specifically designed Gall to be very easy to play with a minimal amount of complexity.

While there is no denying that vector targeted Dread Orb would be cool as hell, it would, unfortunately, go against our original design pillar of keeping Gall simple and uncomplicated. Therefor, following our discussions, we will be tabling this suggestion for the time being. That being said, we love seeing this type of well thought out suggestion so please don't stop! Stay safe and we'll see you in the nexus!


I've mentioned it in other posts but yes we are working on other heroes. Hate to disappoint those few people who say Deathwing was our last hero but they're wrong. Be safe out there.

Blizz_JeffB commented on [Report System Not Disabled: Proof] 11 days ago

The report system IS active and we DO ban people.

We understand that reporting could use better feedback and transparency to players, but please don't do this type of thing. Giving other players a bad time (even in the name of experimentation of this kind) is harmful to the game and isn't Playing Nice.

"Pretending" to be toxic has the same effect as just actually being toxic.

Sounds like a bug. I'll let our QA peoples know. Thanks!

That would be really cool! It would require a lot of testing with 90+ heroes which is a substantial amount of work. If more than a couple break bounds or do anything that may look strange in the Draft UI we would have to find a solve or cut the feature all together. Some people have suggested Taunt animations as well (this has some more egregious problems as a lot of heroes don't generally stay in place). These suggestions are awesome and we would love to give them a shot one day. I'll bring it up to some people and see where it goes.

Blizz_JeffB commented on "We move... " my art of Desert Queen Zagara 11 days ago

I like it! Great work!

No need for sub-par ponies here, durpy plush pony is the only one we need.

Please don't kill me this is a joke mostly

Blizz_JeffB commented on Nobody is talking about this? 12 days ago

I have! It is awesome!

But I have nothing to do with what skins we make.

Trev (our amazing Art Director) has been wanting this theme in the game for quite a while, so it is super cool to see it get added. I think it turned out great!

Good eye, and no, this is not intended. We know about the bug and a fix is coming soon ™

For more clarification, if a unit gains Armor of any kind it should work on everything unless it's specified in the tooltip that it's only against a specific source, for example "gain x physical armor against enemy Heroes".

People who use to watch loonytunes should at least be familiar with it.

You're darn tootin!

Blizz_KinaBREW commented on Try to remember the Devs are people too! 14 days ago

They already have to contend with my annoyingly loud laugh. David's got more of a tempered control based on a very considerate inner monologue based on that knowledge. I've been PMing people "HAHA" just to remind people what they're missing.

Blizz_DWarner commented on 100 mb patch? 14 days ago


Blizz_DWarner commented on Try to remember the Devs are people too! 14 days ago


Day 2 of working from home! There's definitely some quirks to work out, but we're still chugging along! So far the only major change is that I can sing as loud and obnoxiously as I want without annoying anyone, which is pretty great.

Remember to call your parents! They'd probably love to hear your voice in trying times.

BlizzAZJackson commented on Xul is strong, but also Bugged 16 days ago

Surprisingly enough, this wasn't an actor but just an effect that I plugged into a chain.

But yes, Actors scare me. :P

BlizzAZJackson commented on Xul is strong, but also Bugged 18 days ago

"Hey all, I just wanted to let you know that we're aware of the bugs with Xul's skeletons not working entirely correctly, and we're looking to push out a fix sometime next week. We were hoping to get one out sooner, but world events have impacted us like they have so many others.

I also want to say that this one was my bad, and i'm a bit bummed that what I'm hoping will be an awesome rework had to ship with these. To give you a little peek into how development works, basically we had a minor animation bug when he spawned his Skeletons with his Scythe and the Jailors talent, and my fix for the bug was to put a birth delay that his normal laner skeletons have onto those ones as well (he has two "different" skeletons that he spawns in the backend because the Jailors have never counted towards his cap, causing them to be mostly the same but a little different). What I didn't know at the time was that this birth delay is actually hooked up to all of the extra "stuff" that happens when he spawns his laner skeletons, which duplicated the effects that the Spectral Scythe and Jailor skeletons gain, including their Corpse Exploding effect when they die (this is why they "die" twice and why they have some weird interactions with his skeleton cap from minions). We tested him for a very long time without any of these bugs occurring, and since this was actually the last bug fix I did before he was pushed Live, there wasn't really an opportunity for QA to catch it, particularly since their check for my fix was whether or not a minor animation was now working correctly (which it was), which has little to do with how the different skeletons spawn and deal damage on a base level.

These kinds of things happen all the time due to how complex and layered interactions are in our game (coding is complicated who knew), but I wanted to give some insight into how these things can come about.

Thanks for your patience. A fix is (hopefully) coming in the near future ™.

Huginncord commented on Statistics winrate/KDA bug 19 days ago
Hey there LiTH, Can you do me a favor and check the Game Types drop down on the Statistics page and see what you have selected? That might be filtering your statistics without you knowing!
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