Huginncord commented on 57.000 seconds waiting time. EU server. SL 18 days ago
Hey everyone! Thank you all for your reports! We are currently looking in to this issue. I’d like to encourage any new reports of this issue to post in this thread so we can investigate each report of this issue, all in one easy-to-find place.
Huginncord commented on Illidan breaks free from a Void Prison stasis 18 days ago

Watching the video again, that minion is actually above the Illidan player there and on the very edge of the Void Prison whereas the Illidan is below it. It’s worth noting that The Hunt has Illidan’s model rear back prior to charging. However, if you look at his Hero ring and the center of Lightbomb when Anduin cast it on Illidan (which he wouldn’t be able to cast on Illidan while Stopped), that point is not within the Prison.

I just think it was a really close cast that only BARELY missed. However, the offer stands that if corndog sends the replay in I will confirm that, but without it, I will stand by this analysis.

Blizz_LanaB commented on murky animation-heroes of the storm-3ds max 19 days ago

Oh hell yeah -- this is amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

Love the breathing on his little fish belly. Great work!

Huginncord commented on Illidan breaks free from a Void Prison stasis 19 days ago

Hey there corndog!

From my watch of the video, it appears like the Void Prison just never hit the Illidan. Notice that the “Stopped” UI on his name plate never shows up, which is a good indicator that he wasn’t Stopped at any point during his wind-up for The Hunt. I think this might just be a good example of an ability missing and not any sort of bugged interaction.

Feel free to send us the replay following the instructions on this thread if you feel like my analysis is wrong after a second viewing, and I will open it up and look at what I see!


Fizivix commented on Buccaneer Falstad skin glitch 20 days ago
Hey Steak, Thanks for the report! We have this issue tracked and hope to have it fixed when we can. Thank you, ~ Fizivix
Fizivix commented on Siphoning Toxing does not work with Forest's Wrath 20 days ago
Hey Korghal, Thanks for the report! We have this issue tracked and hope to have it fixed when we can. Thank you, ~ Fizivix
KaeoMilker commented on How to get a message to blizzard 20 days ago

I can't begin to imagine how hard this must be for you. It's clear from the show of support on your post that the Heroes community joins me and the dev team in offering our heartfelt condolences during this difficult time.
Thank you for sharing this with us - one of the most rewarding aspects of working on games is hearing about how people connect and make lasting memories together while playing them. We're honored that Heroes could be a small part of those memories for you.

Blizz_DWarner commented on My wife stitched Stitches out of stitches 20 days ago

This is amazing!

Blizz_Daybringer commented on #squadgoals ft orphea, kerri and li ming 23 days ago

Love it!

Blizz_Daybringer commented on Muradin’s [[Sledgehammer]] Bug 23 days ago


Blizz_Daybringer commented on So many heroes getting buffs/nerfs, but nothing to Probius? T_T 23 days ago

Hi there darkdill,

This is a bit of a sensitive subject.

Probius has been the highest win-rate Hero in the game for nearly his entire existence (there may be some times that Vikings/Cho'gall/Rexxar/Samuro were a bit higher), but his design and what he brings to the game has a hard time fitting into the games 'meta'.

As we all realize this, the original designer (M.V. - much love friend) created a rework that at its core doesn't fully fix/change some of the core issues with why Probius is so incredibly powerful, but so completely underutilized.

Until we can fix those issues, I implore you to go play and dominate games with our OP Probe!

Blizz_Daybringer commented on Lucio trait feels clunky to use (and a suggested fix) 23 days ago

Hey fierywinds1q,

You are far from alone on feeling this way. As we were testing this, I messed with the timing and feel daily - which lead to its current tuning.

The design behind it was to allow players to quickly bounce of a wall to either help disengage or set up chase. As this was an addition to his base kit, we needed to make some allowances in order to balance it. At the end of the day, we decided to set the barrier of execution extremely high, hopefully adding a new layer of mastery for Lucio mains.

All this said, we understand and hear your feedback. We have a lot of knobs to change and are always willing to do so when needed :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

BlizzAZJackson commented on Kharazim Q+W Combo 24 days ago

Hey Green_house_Gas!

Nice find. This was indeed a bit of an oversight, and we'll have to make a design call on which way we want to go with it.

For some transparency, I think the current way the interaction is working is not acceptable where it can proc sometimes but it's extremely difficult. We would very likely either increase or decrease the window that Heavenly Zeal can proc so that there's a clear interaction between the two talents. My gut right now is to let them proc together since that obviously feels better, but I want to revisit this once we have more data on how the talents are performing.

Blizz_Daybringer commented on Muradin’s [[Sledgehammer]] Bug 25 days ago

Good afternoon!

Thanks for the report - we have a bug in for it and will fix it asap. Until then you have me to directly thank for your extra easy stacks, I failed to add a [Target Is Hero] validator to the add token effect.

Sounds strange, but I really like nettle leaf tea. Tastes and smells like sweet grass.

BCrawford-21494 commented on Cocoon duration and health is too high 26 days ago
Good morning Player, Good news is on its way - we have a couple changes to our Nerubian coming in the balance patch today
BlizzNeyman commented on [Request] Imperius Q cursor to middle/end 27 days ago

Oh it's definitely a stun first, for sure! When we were testing though, trying to figure out where you would land or if you could make it over a wall started to get really difficult until we changed it to the way it is now.

Blizz_KinaBREW commented on Who is the animator of Zul'jin? 27 days ago

The concept was done by Oscar Vega. The model was done by Jason Hasenauer and the Textures were done by Ted Park. Thanks for playing!

Blizz_KinaBREW commented on Who is the animator of Zul'jin? 28 days ago

Actually... If I'm right I think the dance was done by Michael Cuevas. /u/BlizzKwevs

Blizz_KinaBREW commented on Who is the animator of Zul'jin? 28 days ago

This is the correct answer! Careena is awesome! Base Zul'jin is still probably my favorite art package from model to animation in the game. Ted Park and Phill Gonzallez teamed up to do the model and texture.

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