These are all really great ideas! We've been having a lot of fun looking at them through the voting process. Really fun stuff.

u/Jackice1714 Family first. You're awesome! We wish for the best for you and your Mother.

BlizzAZJackson commented on The Only BLAZE GUIDE You'll Every Need... 2 days ago

I lol'd

Huginncord commented on Nexomania quests disappeared 2 days ago

Hey there!

I had someone check, but it appears like you both have the MC Tombstone Announcer, which would indicate that you have completed the quest and that is why it is not visible to you anymore.

If possible, would you be able to confirm by opening any Heroes loadout and navigating to Announcers. You should see MC Tombstone listed under Nexus, and it should be usable. If you don’t let me know!

Thanks for the post, I agree.

Will fix.

BlizzKGu commented on Found 2 Hidden (Unused?) Emojis in Mei's Emoji Pack 6 days ago


Blizz_KinaBREW commented on Found 2 Hidden (Unused?) Emojis in Mei's Emoji Pack 9 days ago

We didn't have time to hook them up. In a future patch they should be usable. :)

This is placeholder but for some reason it got in the live build. Will fix.

I think we have a pretty good track record of responding to criticism and game feedback pretty often, so I take a bit of issue with the idea that we don't engage with the community or have hard conversations.

Just a couple of very recent examples:

These kinds of posts take a lot of time to write and edit, and this comes with the balancing act of using the time to make posts like these vs. a whole lot of other things that I need to do to actually make changes and improvements to the game.

As far as why we don't respond to everything right away, there are a multitude of reasons. A few of which are:

  1. It takes an incredibly large amount of time, and depending on what we are presently working on that time can be better spent in other ways.
  2. It's very easy to theorize how things can go wrong, but seeing what's actually happening and how to solve problems takes time and discipline. Reacting too quickly leads to more lost time down the road
  3. It's important that we're aligned on how we feel about changes and what we want to do before we put out public messaging. As an example, if I just go off and post my opinions on various heroes, anomaly changes, and features that I want to have, that may not align with what the team thinks, wants, or has the capacity to do in a time frame that my post would imply. If we haven't talked about these things a a team after looking at results of changes yet, then the public will only see my opinion and it won't jive with what decisions we as a team are actually making.

I hope this gives you some understanding as to some of the reasons why you don't see dev responses as quickly or as often as you may like. The fact is that we are here, we are connected to the community, and we are committed to continually improving the game.

Blizz_KinaBREW commented on Archmage Deckard skin by me 17 days ago

There's a pretty big difference between making a new hero vs making a skin.

With a skin we have a framework with the base hero and their animations along with their ability models and FX. These things are already established and coming up with new was to approach these things are fun for us and seem to be fun to our players.

Making a Hero doesn't have this framework. Design is involved. They have to come up with a kit. We test the kit. It doesn't work. We go back and change it or scrap it and redo it. We test it... It doesn't work. We go back and change it or scrap it and redo it. We test it. Then we have to do talents.... similar process. Then on the art side we ask questions like "What is the ideal version of this Hero for our game?" "What do we need to do to make this Hero work for a tech, animation and art?". We make a plan. We try something and if it doesn't work we redo it. Lets not forget everyone who comes after. Voice over, Localization, our Video and PR teams as well as the tireless efforts of our QA peoples for the new content.

Eventually we get a Hero out of this. Making a Hero is less straight forward than a skin and takes much more time and effort from multiple departments across the team.

One last thing, just because we made Widowmaker Nova doesn't mean that Widowmaker is off the table. We had a Medic Uther skin before we put out Lt Morales. We had an AzGul'Dan skin before Gul'Dan. Just because we want to scratch an itch with a cool skin for a Hero doesn't mean we can't do that Hero. On a long enough timeline we'll get to all of them.

Stay safe out there.

Blizz_KinaBREW commented on Archmage Deckard skin by me 17 days ago

I really like this. Well done!

BlizzCorey commented on Bug sightings, Mei ult puts heroes out of bounds 18 days ago

Hey there u/Masterofdos

If you wouldn't mind, could you go ahead and send us that replay using our Bug Attachment Guidelines

Initial investigation into this was unable to reproduce it, so the replay will be a monster help in letting us see just exactly what happened here!



BlizzCorey commented on "If you can read this, contact a technical artist" 18 days ago

Hey there,

Where are you seeing this? Would you be able to provide a screenshot or some additional information regarding where you are encountering them?

Awesome! Knowing that Polymorph came into play gives me a solid place to start from. Thanks for the additional information, I’ll look into it!

Hey BathTub,

I’m not quite sure what you are trying to show in that screenshot. By Chains do you mean the ability, the effect, or the chains that wrap around Kel’thuzad?

If you are referring to the ones that are around the Hero, would you mind forwarding a replay along so I can see what happened to you when you completed the quest, as that is most likely the cause for them not showing normally.

You can do that by following the Bug Attachment Guidelines pinned post

Huginncord commented on Mei's Ice Wall Freezes Deathwing 19 days ago
Hey Phrozen This is correct. Ice Wall is a Time Stop and therefore can affect Deathwing. This is consistent with other Time Stop effects like Void Prison and Ley Line Seal.
BlizzAZJackson commented on Opinions on (recent) Malganis Changes 19 days ago

If/when taken to an extreme, definitely.

For our latest wrestling-themed event, we’re taking Heroes of the Storm to the Intermultiversal Nexoweight Championship, where there are no rules and no mercy, just nonstop bicep-busting carnage. Gird your girdles for new Skins, Mounts, the bellowing Announcer MC Tombstone, special Quests, and more.

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BlizzAZJackson commented on Opinions on (recent) Malganis Changes 19 days ago

Firstly, I hear you and we went back a bit on his Health nerf due to feedback, though I am a little scared of him being too strong overall with the talent survivability gains that he's receiving, but data will make the picture much more clear once we get some so i'm not overly concerned for his long term competitiveness.

In general though you are correct in that we have been moving in the direction of having more impactful talents at the sacrifice of some base kit stats. This isn't true all the time and i'm not saying we're going to do this for everyone, but as a general statement the game is more interesting and fun when hero talents are more powerful. The different build paths and playstyles that taking different talents can create is a large part of what makes Heroes so fun to play and interesting to theorycraft about, so leaning into powerful talents makes sense to us.

BlizzardEntertainment submitted Mei Storms the Nexus 19 days ago

Armed with her self-designed Endothermic Blaster and joined by her trusty weather-alterering sidekick Snowball, Mei is stepping into the Nexus to put her opponents on ice!

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Heroes of the Storm submitted Heroes of the Storm: Nexomania II 19 days ago
One of the most prestigious stops on the Nexomania circuit is the Intermultiversal Nexoweight Championship: No rules, no mercy, just nonstop, bicep-busting carnage. This time, many fans expected Mal’gaucho Mal’Ganis to win it all. The Swingin’ Scourge of Stratholme tore a bloody path through his side of the bracket, burying opponents beneath a deluge of demonic blows. But on the other side of the bracket, a mysterious upstart known only as La Gata de Batalla has proven herself a worthy challenger, defeating foes many times her size en route to the championship match. The arena is packed, with Nexomania legend MC Tombstone roaring away on the mic, and the final battle is about to begin. Whose side are you on?
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