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Hello SigylVanz, thanks for the questions.


Is it intended for players that left the game’ heroes to hearth and sit in the hall of the storm all match?

Yes, it is intended they remain in the Hall of Storms until a player pings them to follow. They will attempt to return to the Hall of Storms if they are no longer following a player.


AIs that are set to follow don’t attack what I’m attacking unless I’m really close to the target (I assume). Are these also intended?

Yes, this is intended. I will explain. During testing there was feedback that AI agents who are following humans were too difficult to pull back for retreat because their leash ranges was too large. You had to run really far away in order for AI to begin leashing back to the player. We dialed the leash range down pretty significantly so that the AI will follow their player much more closely. Consequently, this means that having a melee AI follow a melee player hero makes them perform better than mismatching a melee AI with a ranged player hero. I’ve seen feedback similar to yours which leads me to believe that we may have reduced the leash range too much. I am aware of this and will be testing some adjustments. Cheers!

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Hey there!

We have some people looking into this now.

What would be a massive help, is if you all could forward us along your GameLogs folder. You can find your GameLogs folder in your Heroes of the Storm folder, usually located in My Documents. It’ll be somewhere like this C:\Users\$USERNAME\Documents\Heroes of the Storm.

You can send that directly to me following the information and email address on this thread. Bug Attachment Guidelines

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Sorry to see you go, but I'm glad you enjoyed your time here with us. I always enjoyed your Math of the Storm series.

I know all too tell how life has a way of causing us to move on from certain hobbies. Even so, things often wrap around in unexpected ways. I'm sure you'll be able to make positive contributions in any gaming community you become a part of.

Farewell for now. We'll still be here if you ever want to return. :)

Will fix.


not more than one for the near term.

A new hero is coming but you'll have to wait just a little bit longer. They are not far off.

Dumb video game tricks. :) They technically exist in their own world and are layered on top of each other like a set of Flat invisible TV screens projecting their own visible content.

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I understand the concerns and I agree. This post was about the Experience Gain, hence why I am bringing it up. The remaining issues you brought up here are part of the “Waiting for Results” stuff being known and it is being investigated.
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Hey everyone,

Just for clarity, we are aware of the post-game “Waiting for Results” thing that happens on some brawls.

As for your experience, you will get the experience with or without the screen. We’ve never seen an instance where someone did not get the experience after a Brawl with this, so rest assured, you ARE getting experience

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Hey phinkeke,

I’ve removed the other players battle.tag information. We don’t use the forums to name and shame other players, so please refrain from doing so in the future. If you want to report someone, please use the in-client report function so our specialists can review your report. Additionally, I am going to lock this thread as this isn’t a bug report.

For just a bit of additional information, Blizzard official people will have Blue text in game and a little “Blizz” logo next to their name, if they don’t have that then they are not an admin no.

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Hey everyone!

So this is an issue that is still on our Mac Support team’s radar. I’d recommend watching the Mac Support Forum for more information. This thread, in particular, as they are the ones working with Apple to resolve the issue.

Here is a good post from that thread outlining the situation from our Mac Support blues.

Thanks for your continued reports, and sorry about the silence on this thread. This is still on our radar and we have not forgotten about this issue. Our team is in communication with Apple regarding the issue. There are some requirements that are reliant on other factors that are outside of our control. It’s an immensely frustrating issue and understandably so, but there is no time frame for this yet, since our team wants to ensure everything is set in order rather than have something come up resulting in delays.
We want this fixed for everyone and would prefer that no workarounds are needed just to be able to play the game. Once we have word on solid changes and a full resolution, we will let you know so that this can be retested so that we can ensure all systems are up to scale.
While, we may not post every time here, we do read through each of your reports! I greatly appreciate your patience and we’ll post when a new update is available!

And there is another suggesting that setting Shaders to Medium, might help alleviate some of this issue as a temporary workaround, which might help you in the mean time.

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Not just yet. Little early for that.

Blizz_KinaBREW commented on Can you get a permban for trolling / griefing from Blizzard? 4 days ago

This still applies.

Blizz_KinaBREW commented on Carbot Skins in Heroes of the Storm? 4 days ago

I can say that we have been thinking about what we need to do to get a Carbot skin into the game. We're almost there. We still have some test runs we have to do but we're close. I'm not saying that we can do it this year but we're closer to having that power. We're hoping that when the time comes Our best friend will be on board. :ofingerx:

Blizz_KinaBREW commented on Can you get a permban for trolling / griefing from Blizzard? 4 days ago

I can say we take action on accounts for griefing. The thing you won't here from us is how many it takes and what it takes because there are people who try to circumvent those rules.

You'll see a lot of posts around here like Blizzard's automated systems only worry about Abusive chats via reports or Blizzard doesn't care because they don't notify me enough. We do care. We care a lot. There are notifications we send out thanking people for their reports and that action has been taken but this is an area we can improve on.

We play the game often. A lot of us nightly. When we see bad behavior we use the same reporting tools that you use because our confidence in the system is high.

Please continue reporting these people.

Please be good to each other.

Blizz_KinaBREW commented on [LEGO Fan Art] Tychus Findlay and Jim Raynor 5 days ago

I'm in love.

Wanmin Gee did that skin. I just did the ability models. Wanmin is awesome! :)

Nazeebo skins are fun to do. Really cool idea!

Not gonna lie... my brain went to how we could get the text to scroll and have cool things on the visor.

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