I have a feeling that /u/BlizzAZJackson will pay dearly for this in the end, but after all the good he does, he probably also owes some debt.

Also - he has hit his 10-year at Blizzard, so give him some love!

Bring your friends and enjoy the game!

Continue to give feedback and criticize as needed (we are used to, and listen to both - trust me).

Everyone involved with this community loves the game and wants to see it grow and improve, even though it sometimes comes out in strange or negative ways.

Know that you still have a very passionate and devoted development team that is not only listening and reacting, but also creating and developing new things to help answer your concerns the best we can.

For some things, it may take time, and sometimes we may fail (see my post hyping the last balance patch, and the reaction on that sentiment), but we are here and listening 100%, that I promise!

Huginncord commented on Available maps in vs AI mode 21 hours ago

To further explain our reasoning behind the questions I posted, GriM, our current understanding of this issue is that this is caused by people who (almost exclusively or exclusively) play VS AI with AI teammates OR people who play VS AI with the same group of people, causing all the players in the game to fall into the same map pool.

The data we are looking for is trying to see if this issue can happen to players that frequently play with other, random, human players. Due to how the map is chosen, if you do not play with other humans, you can fall in to a rotation of maps that will also be changed up when a new patch is deployed. Since the system for choosing a map is built on systems that have systems built on it, we want to make sure we are 100% correct in this assumption before touching it, as rushing to make a fix without that information could make even more issues.

If you are affected by this, this could be tested by playing a couple matches of VS AI with other players either via finding new friends in client or playing VS AI not with AI Teammates. After a handful of matches, you can return to VS AI with AI teammates and should see a different map rotation.

I appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience with us while we gather this data and look to find a solution that works best for everyone!


Huginncord commented on Available maps in vs AI mode 22 hours ago

Hey Elyxia!
That is a great idea. As mentioned in the other thread, while I have nothing to announce at this moment, we are aware of this issue and looking to find the root cause of this issue to identify a fix that is comprehensive and is safe for everyone.

If you have this issue happen to you, please make sure to include answers to the questions below as this information is crucial for us to help narrow down a root cause.

  • Were you playing VS AI with AI Teammates or Coop (with other human players)?
  • Are you playing with a group of friends? If so, do you always play with the same people?

I will continue to check into this thread (and the forums as a whole) and will update you all once I know anything new.

BlizzNeyman commented on Survey - Direction of the game 1 day ago

Balance patches and reworks are definitely important. But new Heroes will come too. Have faith!

Huginncord commented on Please lock the map pool bug megathread 1 day ago

Hey Sickroom!

We have been keeping that thread open as a running way to gather information on that issue. Unfortunately, while I have nothing to announce at this time, I can say that we are aware of this issue and looking to find a fix that is both comprehensive and safe for all players. Having one big thread is preferable to many small threads as it is easier for us to see just how wide reaching a bug is and it allows us to have a one stop shop of all information about the issue. That said, I’d encourage all players that experience this issue to post on that thread with the following information:

  • Were you playing VS AI with AI Teammates or Coop (with other human players)?
  • Are you playing with a group of friends? If so, do you always play with the same people?

This information is crucial for us to investigate a couple of possible root causes we are looking into. I will continue to monitor these forums and gather information about this issue to pass up to our engineers. If there are any changes in the data needed, I will look to update these forums as soon as I know.

Zobrek commented on Please lock the map pool bug megathread 1 day ago

Hi GriM! Thanks for your measure of discretion. These are targeted invitations crafted by our Heroes QA team, with a healthy amount of review and thought put into each one. That said, you are super welcome and both Fizivix and Hugincord will be glad to have you! That program was something I helped to originally set up, run, and report on, and I’m super glad to hear they continue to look out for Bug savvy players like you to join the ranks. The regional hurdles can indeed, be a pain and it’s feedback our Bnet teams would love to hear additional perspective on. Before, and after you join up, please make sure to give the Bug Chat community rules and guidelines a full and thorough review. Welcome again!

To explain my absence (and why I won’t be able to speak to the current AI/Map issue further), some shuffling was needed on the part of QA, to mirror the refocused efforts of our development team. Since Fizivix and Hugincord are well equipped to handle the Forums (and were just as eager to take over the reins of the Heroes Bug Chat Initiative) I made the decision to accept an offer/move to our World of Warcraft QA team, where I continue to work to find crazy bugs from reporters like yourself. They are a super great crowd of people (WoW QA) and have been eager to pickup all the lessons and good vibes I’ve tried to carry over from both Heroes as a game and from you as fans. As I continue to get up to speed over there, finding my best areas of influence, I hope to provide the same level of support you checked in for so diligently. On that note you can check out our latest PTR (8.2 – “The Rise of Azshara”) now, I had a hand in testing quite a bit of the content there as I learned the ropes and we’d be just as eager to hear your thoughts and catch your bugs via the in-game reporting tools.

Happy Hunting Heroes!

BlizzAZJackson commented on You got me Blizzard, I picked Aether Walker in a game. 2 days ago

Too late. Talent's fixed. Going to go work on other things now.

Hello Reddit Friends,

The patch is on schedule for today - it should be being deployed shortly!

Fizivix commented on Can't play In any mode 2 days ago


As Fuschia mentioned there are some players who have resolved this issue in the linked thread by Updating their DNS to google:

Please let us know if this solution works for you!

~ Fizivix

Huginncord submitted Bug Chat Invitation 3 days ago

Hi Everybody!

On 04/16/19, forum posters may receive an email from myself ([email protected]), or my compatriot Fizivix ([email protected]), detailing Bug Chat!

I wanted to drop a cross reference here, to assure any invitees that this invitation is on the up and up, and is not exploitative in nature.


BlizzAZJackson commented on It's Fat Panda Time 3 days ago


BlizzAZJackson commented on It's Fat Panda Time 3 days ago

If I give you a Chen rework, will you promise to make a full-length video?


BlizzAZJackson commented on alarak montage video 3 days ago

This is everything I hoped to see when creating Alarak's rework. Fantastic job. Seriously, well done!

We have something coming soon for Alarak that I think you will like. ;)

Fizivix commented on I can't change skins, mounts or buy items 7 days ago

Hey Neoronto,

Thanks for the report! This sounds like a network related issue with your connection to one or more Blizzard services. Can you please make a new post over in the Technical Support Forums with some of the following information?

Thank you,
~ Fizivix

Hey Nefarius,

Thanks for the report! I don’t know exactly what could have caused the initial issue, but It sounds like something got messed up with your Hotkeys during the issue/restart. Does resetting your Hotkey profile, or creating a new profile solve the issue for you? Hotkey profiles are saved per account and may not be saved in the same place as the game install, so it would explain why your other account is working.

Thank you,
~ Fizivix

Fizivix commented on Daily quests not progressing 7 days ago

Hey Persepoika54,

Thanks for the report! It sounds like you are experiencing some sort of disconnect when the core is destroyed that is preventing you from getting to the end of match screen. If it’s a graphics hitch, lowering/changing graphics settings may prevent the freeze from occurring. If it’s network related, please make a post in the Technical Support Forums with the following information.

Thank you,
~ Fizivix

Hey Gadd, Thanks for the report and replay! We’ll investigate. ~ Fizivix
Fizivix commented on Stuck at Authentication Screen 7 days ago
Thanks for the report Maximus and the quick assistance Fuschia! That was indeed causing login issues with heroes. ~ Fizivix
Fizivix commented on Evidence of stat hacking 7 days ago

Hey SakariRyu,

I’ve edited your post to exclude the name of the player. As GriM mentioned, it is against the forum rules to publicly shame/call out players. If you are still concerned after reviewing the replay again and considering the details above, please send in a replay to our Bug Attachments Inbox with a description and timestamp.

Thank you,
~ Fizivix

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