Agreed but.. Is it immortality if you have to die to get another life? rinse repeat? I mean assuming I'm a baby murloc and I manage to stay alive the whole time and reset... I would just be living multiple lives with multiple starts and ends. All with different winning conditions. Might not be so bad. Eventually something would kill my egg. Not exactly immortality.

Murky's Spawn Egg. I'm back baby!

Valeera's Vanish, orrrrrr Falstad's Flight!

Blizz_KinaBREW commented on So, balance patch when? 8 hours ago

No... You have a wonderful Thursday if you want to. I'm not gonna tell you what to do.

Also... Brett has no control over what I do on the weekend.

BlizzShelby commented on Whitemane scarlet aegis cooldown bugged? 8 hours ago

Hey there! Scarlet Aegis is being looked into for a future patch.

Saintly Greatstaff, as mentioned below, is however not bugged but was a patchnote error.

Thanks for your report!

Blizz_Daybringer commented on So, balance patch when? 9 hours ago

Good morning Reddit family,

We are currently planning to get the next balance patch out to everyone next week. It was extremely important for the team to deploy the log-in improvement patch this week. Thanks for your patience and have a wonderful Thursday!

Thanks for posting this!

Orphea is great!

Here is another relevant link:

Blizz_JeffB commented on I love this game, but.. 1 day ago

(sorry for the delayed response, I was out of the office!)

Technically we do, but all the ARAM maps are essentially the same set of rules, so maintaining/testing them is much simpler. It is actually probably simpler than maintaining the regular game mode maps, since they don't really have differing objectives and special map features.

Making changes and improvements to ARAM is definitely possible for this same reason. Anything the designers decide to iterate on affects all the ARAM maps in essentially the same way.

Blizz_KinaBREW commented on Every Character to Level 15 Goal: Phase One 2 days ago

It's not dumb. It's cool! Keep going! As a member of the all gold club I encourage you to come join us.

one of us! one of us! one of us!

Blizz_DWarner commented on Is D.Va rework coming alongside Deathwing patch? 2 days ago

We currently do not have a release date set for D.Va's rework, but we will let the community know as soon as we are able. :)

Blizz_KinaBREW commented on Battlegrounds in Hearthstone instead of Heroes of the Storm? 2 days ago

Yes, that is the counter argument to what I presented. That is an important and valued opinion for sure. Btw I'm an artist who's been in the industry for 13 years. I like to say I'm just a dumb artist. Take that for what you will. But as an artist and the way that I play that game mode is that I mostly ignore the combat all together thus ignoring the art. Only reason I would ever look is to see what the enemy is building towards. There is value to art and to cosmetics of the Auto Chess genre just not to me and people like me.

Blizz_KinaBREW commented on Battlegrounds in Hearthstone instead of Heroes of the Storm? 2 days ago

It would be pretty easy to set up in our game but I think Hearthstone did a bang up job and I play it a lot. With that said it would take longer to get to a quality bar we would be happy with.

Auto Chess is a fun game mode and I think the implementation into Hearthstone makes sense from a game play standpoint too. Most of the time when I play Auto Chess I set up my board and I'm surfing the internet or watching TV. I don't need pretty models and awesome animations to ignore. That seems like a waste. I also like that I can read what certain cards do instead of guessing what they might do with a 3D asset. I've even seen feedback to speed up Hearthstone Battlegrounds combat.

I understand the desire for it in our game but Hearthstone Battlegrounds just makes more sense to me.

Hi, all! While I am indeed helping out on Warcraft III: Reforged right now, I’m also still your friendly neighborhood Production Director for Heroes of the Storm. It’s pretty cool, because as a few of you pointed out, Warcraft III is a huge smack of déjà vu for me given that Reign of Chaos was the very first game I ever worked on at Blizzard with Team 1 way back in 2001. From Warcraft III to StarCraft II to Heroes of the Storm, clearly Blizzard RTS games are in my bones and it’s rad to be pitching in on one of my all-time favorites again like this! But fear not, my heart remains in the Nexus and I’m still here with you to share in all the cool stuff the Heroes team is hard at work on!

Blizz_Daybringer commented on Will there be an offical Deathwing Spotlight? 6 days ago

Magic 8-Ball

  • Can't say now
Blizz_Daybringer commented on Will there be an offical Deathwing Spotlight? 6 days ago

Magic 8-Ball

  • Indications say 'Yes!'
Blizz_JeffB commented on I love this game, but.. 7 days ago

This is a cool idea, but there are definitely issues it wouldn't address, unfortunately.

Putting aside any design or UX problems this causes (different hero experiences in different game modes, diverging hero implementations, etc...), there are upkeep and testing issues that would still be present with the brawl maps.

Fundamentally, the problem is that changes we make in code, data, and script that are not strictly related to heroes can break brawls. This can be essentially anything... UI changes or additions, new or changing features, server and matchmaking changes, AI changes, gameplay code like missiles, movement, ability execution and disabling, buffs and debuffs, armor, etc... This means even keeping the the data for the heroes stable doesn't prevent the need to devote resources to testing, maintaining, updating, and fixing these maps whenever they come into rotation.

Blizz_JeffB commented on Playable Custom Battleground - Proof of Concept 7 days ago

I honestly don't know what the license for the SC2 editor says and I am not a lawyer, nor do I define (or speak for) our policies on this!

What Spazzo is doing here is not strictly different from modifying hero data for testing purposes, which we have not taken action on in the past.

Again, I am not a lawyer, I don't define our policies, and me saying all of this is not permission to do anything you are disallowed from doing by the EULA or anything else!

Blizz_JeffB commented on Playable Custom Battleground - Proof of Concept 7 days ago

This is cool -- So impressive that you got this to function!

Blizz_Daybringer commented on I love this game, but.. 7 days ago

Good morning :)

I can speak a bit to your two questions/concerns:

  • We have talked about adding the ability to remove or re-roll daily quests but have not been able to prioritize it higher than some other features yet. Please know that we would love to add this quality of life change to the game and hope we can get it to you in the near future.

  • Bringing back the PvE Brawls is not an easy task due to the sheer amount of upkeep those maps require. That said, we love them as well and while I am not sure its feasible to bring them back in their current state, I think there may be some avenues for us to distill their gameplay and deliver those types of experiences in different (and more sustainable) ways.

Have a great Thursday!

BlizzAZJackson commented on HotS Most Wanted Heroes for 2020 7 days ago

Sad that Yogg-Saron's universe isn't properly represented. :(

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