BlizzKGu commented on After 4 years playing HOTS, I finally hit Masters !! 3 hours ago


Blizz_Thomas commented on Heroes of the Storm // 48.2.76753 - Patch Notes 5 hours ago
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I didn't know I wanted to, but I do now... I'll talk to people.


BlizzCorey commented on Game Crash 24 hours ago

Hey there Gugurei!

All of those point to an error saying that your installation is damaged. Can you try uninstalling and reinstalling Heroes of the Storm and see if that fixes your problem.

If you'd rather uninstall as a last resort, try a Scan and Repair under the Options when selecting Heroes of the Storm on the app!


Thank you <3

Blizz_Daybringer commented on Heroes of the Storm // 48.2.76753 - Patch Notes 1 day ago

We are here and listening :)

Blizz_JeffB commented on My fast sketch of Orphea. 1 day ago

This is great!

Her expression is perfect.

Yrel's R2 grants armor from both spells and physical armor, so A

In general, the tooltips explicitly state spell armor or physical armor if that is what they grant. You can also tell by the icon that appears next to your health bar, which is different depending on what type of armor it is, and if it is positive or negative!

Thanks for the love!

We have a lot in the works that we can't wait for you to see... we are definitely not taking a break!

Keep playing and having fun!

BlizzShelby commented on I am addicted to Heroes of the Storm 1 day ago

We're all glad to have you playing!

Thank you for playing with us! :)

We <3 this Community. Thank you for sticking with us through The Good and The Bad.

Blizz_JeffB commented on New Player 2 days ago

Awesome, glad you are enjoying it!

Which heroes have you liked most?

Blizz_JeffB commented on Day 14: Whitemane 2 days ago

Yeah! Great work again, u/Archlichofthestorm! The true Hero of the Storm! She is so beautiful.

Whitemane is awesome as well, that red really helps to capture her fervor for the Crusade!

edit: I had totally missed your Zul as well... so good.

Blizz_Daybringer commented on It seems like Matchmaking for High Level got fixed 4 days ago

Good afternoon friends,

We are indeed experimenting with some configuration changes to the Match Maker. We have been running non-stop simulations here in the office and have gained confidence to start slowly migrating them out to certain regions for testing.

I want to emphasize that while we are happy with the results so far, we still have a lot of work to do before we are ready to fully commit to them. That said - the entire team is excited to hear that you are feeling them :)

Have a great weekend!

BlizzKGu commented on Yrel mana cost bug 5 days ago

Hi! That issue should have been part of hotfix that went out on on 10/2.

Blizz_JeffB commented on Reduced CPU Power detected? 6 days ago

This is an incorrect message specific to the Ryzen 3000, sorry for the inconvenience.

We have a fix for this coming in the next patch!

BlizzKGu commented on Yrel mana cost bug 6 days ago

This seems gross! Will fix.


BlizzNeyman commented on Stuck in Bronze, and it's probably my fault. Any tips? 6 days ago

It's something we'd like to improve.

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