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Join these creators tomorrow for some extracurricular experimentation in #ScholomanceAcademy! 👀 The Headmaster exp…

Hearthstone submitted Card Reveal Livestream | Scholomance Academy 8 days ago
Join Kripp and Game Designer Alec Dawson for our final round of Scholomance Academy card reveals, live! We'll be showing the new cards in action with some practice games as well - see you there!

Ready your wands for Scholomance Academy, launching worldwide on August 6! Pre-purchase:

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We're LIVE with @Kripparrian and Alec Dawson for the final card reveals of #ScholomanceAcademy! 🎉 Everyone, get i…

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RT @IGN: IGN has an exclusive new #Hearthstone card to reveal! Meet Professor Slate, a legendary staff member at Scholomance Academy. https…

Cgsongbird commented on New Card - High Abbess Alura 9 days ago

Yeah this one is interesting because it slots well into existing Paladin decks but it encourages Priest to play a different style of deck. It's harder to evaluate for Priest than Paladin.

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RT @TrumpSC: My Scholomance card reveal: Lord Barov 🔥👀

Cgsongbird commented on New Card - High Abbess Alura 9 days ago

It's really just the highest ceiling reward example. You could potentially Alura into Mass Res for 3 minions for cheap. In the mid-game, even 3 weakish minions are really good. More realistic payoffs are Grave Rune and Psyche Split, but Mass Res has the potential to be more exciting.

Cgsongbird commented on New Card - High Abbess Alura 9 days ago

Deathrattle Priest is one of my favorite decks of all time. I totally get wanting different styles of play. The final reveal is tomorrow and hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you see.

All the best. <3

Cgsongbird commented on New Card - High Abbess Alura 9 days ago

If Alura were Discover a spell, she would need to be more in the Tortollan mana range, and that makes her Spellburst much more difficult to trigger in the same turn you play her.

She's also just a 4 mana 3/6, which is decent on curve and has a chance to stick around until turn 5 in a tempo deck that's playing a 1/4 on turn 1. If she lives, then you play Grave Rune or Psyche Split, and now you're in business.

She's not always going to hit, and her options aren't as powerful as Puzzle Box, but that's because she's a 4 mana minion. Play her in a tempo priest deck with buffs and she's going to be really good.

And I get being passionate about cards and classes. I am too. But accusing someone of being disingenuous is kind of rude. I'm here to chat with y'all because I'm excited about this set. Gimme the benefit of the doubt. :P

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Join us tomorrow at 10AM PT as we reveal the final cards of #ScholomanceAcademy 👀

Cgsongbird commented on New Card - High Abbess Alura 9 days ago

It's certainly better in a Tempo Priest that tries to play proactively rather than reactively. That's why Priest gets Frazzled Freshman.

Cgsongbird commented on New Card - High Abbess Alura 9 days ago

There's Gift of Luminance which is a new card from the set, and Grave Rune, Power Infusion, and Holy Nova are quite good too. Plus it will be in Standard for 2 years and any cards we print in the future could potentially be strong in combination. Anything along the lines of Free From Amber for instance would be really powerful.

I'm not being disingenuous. Everybody will of course make their own opinions, and I'm sharing my experiences.

Cgsongbird commented on New Card - High Abbess Alura 9 days ago

This card is absolutely not bad in Priest. It just requires you to build your deck with it in mind. Casting Shadow Word Pain on it is not good, but Psyche Split or Mass Resurrection are excellent.

Cgsongbird commented on New Card: Potion of Illusion 9 days ago

I tested mostly with Licensed Adventurer and it's a guaranteed 2 turn setup, but it's really hard to get there without dying. Fun to play though!

Cgsongbird commented on New Card - High Abbess Alura 9 days ago

Can confirm it's not fun.

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Uther and Anduin, locked in an epic battle for... A GOLD STAR! ⭐ The High Abbess of #ScholomanceAcademy is not eas…

Kerfluffle-11372 submitted Updated Free Deck for New and Returning Players 9 days ago

The decks awarded to new and returning players will be updated on July 30! We’ve also made it easier for returning players to claim the free deck by removing the prerequisite of completing the returning player experience.* So long as you’ve been away for 120 days, you’ll be prompted with the deck grant right after you log in!

As a reminder, here is how it works for new players:

  • Log into Hearthstone and complete the tutorial and the Starter Quest line.
  • You will need to graduate from the New Player Ranks (Ranks 40-1).
  • Upon completing these quests, you will be able to select your free Class Deck once you return to the main menu.

It’s possible you may not see the deck in your deck list if you did not have an open deck slot when you chose your free Class Deck. If this happens, don’t worry! You will still receive all the cards from that deck. If you would like to delete one of your existing decks, you can then navigate back to this page and use our deck list. From here, copy the deck code, and you can then add the deck to your deck list from within Hearthstone.

*Limited one per account. A returning player is defined as one who has not logged into Hearthstone for 120 consecutive days. If you’re returning to Hearthstone on 7/30/2020, your last log in needs to be before 4/1/2020 to qualify.

Ahoy, Mateys!

Class: Warrior

All hands and hooks on deck! Swarm the board with pirates, but manage your resources carefully or you might just end up walking the plank!


  • 2x (1) Sky Raider
  • 2x (1) Southsea Deckhand
  • 2x (1) Upgrade!
  • 2x (2) Bloodsail Raider
  • 2x (2) Corsair Cache
  • 2x (2) Heroic Strike
  • 2x (2) Parachute Brigand
  • 1x (3) Ancharrr
  • 2x (3) Livewire Lance
  • 2x (3) Skybarge
  • 2x (3) Southsea Captain
  • 2x (4) Dread Corsair
  • 2x (4) Hoard Pillager
  • 2x (4) Kor’kron Elite
  • 2x (4) Mortal Strike
  • 1x (5) Captain Greenskin

Galakrond’s Fury

Class: Shaman

While Galakrond commands the skies, The Lurker Below has dominion over the seas. Play it at the right time to wash away your competition!


  • 2x (1) Sludge Slurper
  • 1x (2) EVIL Totem
  • 2x (2) Invocation of Frost
  • 2x (3) Far Sight
  • 2x (3) Mana Tide Totem
  • 2x (4) Devoted Maniac
  • 2x (4) Hex
  • 2x (5) Dragon’s Pack
  • 2x (5) Faceless Corruptor
  • 2x (5) Hagatha’s Scheme
  • 2x (5) Shield of Galakrond
  • 2x (6) Corrupt Elementalist
  • 1x (6) Kronx Dragonhoof
  • 1x (6) The Lurker Below
  • 2x (7) Earthquake
  • 1x (7) Galakrond, the Tempest
  • 2x (8) Walking Fountain

Galakrond’s Guile

Class: Rogue

The progenitor of dragons has returned, and he isn’t going down without a fight! Command an army of Lackeys to show your opponent that EVIL will always reign supreme!


  • 2x (0) Backstab
  • 2x (0) Shadowstep
  • 2x (1) Bloodsail Flybooter
  • 2x (1) Pharaoh Cat
  • 2x (1) Praise Galakrond!
  • 2x (2) Eviscerate
  • 2x (2) Sap
  • 2x (3) EVIL Miscreant
  • 2x (3) Seal Fate
  • 2x (3) SI:7 Agent
  • 2x (4) Devoted Maniac
  • 2x (5) Faceless Corruptor
  • 2x (5) Shield of Galakrond
  • 1x (6) Flik Skyshiv
  • 1x (6) Heistbaron Togwaggle
  • 1x (6) Kronx Dragonhoof
  • 1x (7) Galakrond, the Nightmare

Lightforged Librams

Class: Paladin

Wisdom, Justice, and Hope unite to guide the Paladin class to victory! Unlock the true power of the Paladin by building a deck using only their class cards.


  • 2x (1) Aldor Attendant
  • 2x (2) Air Raid
  • 2x (2) Hand of A’dal
  • 2x (2) Libram of Wisdom
  • 2x (2) Shotbot
  • 2x (2) Subdue
  • 2x (3) Bronze Explorer
  • 2x (4) Blessing of Kings
  • 2x (4) Consecration
  • 2x (4) Lightforged Zealot
  • 2x (5) Aldor Truthseeker
  • 2x (5) Libram of Justice
  • 1x (7) Lady Liadrin
  • 2x (7) Lightforged Crusader
  • 1x (8) Tirion Fordring
  • 2x (9) Libram of Hope

One of a Kind

Class: Hunter

Rexxar has exchanged his Beasts for Dragons this time around! Dinotamer Brann and Dragonqueen Alexstrasza are at their strongest when each card in your deck is unique.


  • 1x (1) Blazing Battlemage
  • 1x (1) Dwarven Sharpshooter
  • 1x (1) Guardian Augmerchant
  • 1x (1) Tracking
  • 1x (2) Corrosive Breath
  • 1x (2) Faerie Dragon
  • 1x (2) Hench-Clan Hogsteed
  • 1x (2) Imprisoned Felmaw
  • 1x (2) Scavenger’s Ingenuity
  • 1x (2) Zephrys the Great
  • 1x (3) Animal Companion
  • 1x (3) Deadly Shot
  • 1x (3) Desert Spear
  • 1x (3) Diving Gryphon
  • 1x (3) Frozen Shadoweaver
  • 1x (3) Kill Command
  • 1x (3) Primordial Explorer
  • 1x (3) Scalerider
  • 1x (3) Stormhammer
  • 1x (3) Unleash the Hounds
  • 1x (4) Evasive Feywing
  • 1x (4) Marked Shot
  • 1x (5) Big Ol’ Whelp
  • 1x (5) Cobalt Spellkin
  • 1x (5) Faceless Corruptor
  • 1x (6) Evasive Wyrm
  • 1x (6) Unleash the Beast
  • 1x (7) Dinotamer Brann
  • 1x (9) Dragonqueen Alexstrasza
  • 1x (10) Nagrand Slam

Dragon Tales

Class: Druid

The Druids have allied with Ysera and her Green Dragonflight! Ramp your mana and unleash the might of the Dragons.


  • 2x (0) Innervate
  • 2x (1) Strength in Numbers
  • 2x (2) Breath of Dreams
  • 2x (2) Ironbark
  • 2x (2) Wrath
  • 2x (3) Bogbeam
  • 1x (4) Frizz Kindleroost
  • 2x (4) Overgrowth
  • 2x (4) Swipe
  • 2x (6) Emerald Explorer
  • 2x (7) Evasive Drakonid
  • 1x (7) Exotic Mountseller
  • 2x (7) Winged Guardian
  • 2x (8) Twin Tyrant
  • 1x (9) Alexstrasza
  • 1x (9) Ysera, Unleashed
  • 2x (10) Scrapyard Colossus

Galakrond’s Grudge

Class: Warlock

Invoke Galakrond to destroy your opponent with a legion of demons! It’s good to be bad.


  • 2x (1) Beaming Sidekick
  • 2x (1) Blazing Battlemage
  • 2x (1) Flame Imp
  • 2x (1) Sinister Deal
  • 2x (1) Voidwalker
  • 2x (2) EVIL Genius
  • 2x (2) Knife Juggler
  • 2x (3) Dragonblight Cultist
  • 2x (4) Devoted Maniac
  • 2x (4) Fiendish Rites
  • 2x (4) Veiled Worshipper
  • 1x (5) Dark Pharaoh Tekahn
  • 1x (5) Faceless Corruptor
  • 2x (5) Shield of Galakrond
  • 1x (6) Kronx Dragonhoof
  • 1x (7) Galakrond, the Wretched
  • 2x (10) Sea Giant


Class: Mage

Mage’s excel at spellcasting, and that “spells” defeat for your opponent! You won’t need any minions in your deck to ice out the competition.


  • 1x (1) Evocation
  • 2x (1) Font of Power
  • 2x (1) Learn Draconic
  • 2x (1) Magic Trick
  • 2x (1) Ray of Frost
  • 2x (2) Ancient Mysteries
  • 2x (2) Frostbolt
  • 2x (2) Incanter’s Flow
  • 2x (3) Arcane Intellect
  • 1x (3) Flame Ward
  • 2x (3) Netherwind Portal
  • 2x (4) Fireball
  • 2x (5) Apexis Blast
  • 2x (6) Blizzard
  • 2x (8) Deep Freeze
  • 2x (8) Power of Creation

Day of the Dead

Class: Priest

If 2 copies of a minion just isn’t enough, then this is the deck for you! Play powerful taunt minions and resurrect them until your opponent has run out of resources.


  • 2x (0) Forbidden Words
  • 2x (2) Penance
  • 2x (2) Shadow Word: Death
  • 2x (3) Breath of the Infinite
  • 1x (4) Archmage Vargoth
  • 2x (4) Grave Rune
  • 2x (4) Holy Nova
  • 2x (4) Mass Dispel
  • 2x (4) Psychopomp
  • 2x (5) Convincing Infiltrator
  • 2x (5) Psyche Split
  • 2x (5) Sandhoof Waterbearer
  • 2x (6) Khartut Defender
  • 1x (8) Catrina Muerte
  • 2x (9) Mass Resurrection
  • 2x (9) Plague of Death
Hearthstone submitted Wronchi Card Reveal | Scholomance Shenanigans 9 days ago
Evaluations are underway and the pressure is on as Anduin and Uther spar in the training grounds of Scholomance Academy. Will High Abbess Alura award a passing grade?

Scholomance Academy launches worldwide August 6, 2020!

• Pre-purchase Scholomance Academy:

• Learn more about Scholomance Academy:

• Read the 17.6 Patch Notes:
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Or forgives.

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RT @Metabomb: Educated Elekk cool card, put Educated Elekk in decks please. We'll follow this up with a 'top 10 elephants in gaming' arti…

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