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If you find yourself on the receiving end of a Dark Prophecy, call upon your trusty new Winged Guardian! Rumors say…

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Add some new friends - or enemies - to your party along the way! The Twisted Knowledge of a Licensed Adventurer ma…

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Galakrond's Awakening Chapter 1 is now live! Jump in and unlock new cards to add to your collection. 🐲Learn more a…

HS_Celestalon commented on New Card: Cleric of Scales 1 day ago

To my knowledge, we are consistent about this wording. If it's a copy, it'll say 'copy'. If it's not, it won't. There may be some exception that I can't think of offhand, but please do point it out if there's one you think should be reevaluated.

[Drakonic Operative] is one I see this compared to in this thread, as if that's consistent... but Drakonic Operative does say 'copy' (and is a copy).

hadidjahb commented on Poison animation/screen shake reduced 1 day ago

This patch is just Poisonous in Battlegrounds (I think, /u/asscrit is making me wonder if someone just said fuck it and implemented it everywhere at once lol); triggers in general will be sped up for the rest of the game in the next big patch.:)

Kaeyoh commented on MAJOR new BG bug 1 day ago

Hey there, just jumping in to confirm we are aware of this issue and currently working on a hotfix.

HS_Celestalon commented on New Card: Cleric of Scales 2 days ago

Correct; the card is removed from your deck. It is not a copy of the card.

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Update 16.2 is now live on PC with mobile coming later today and includes: 🐲 Galakrond's Awakening ⚔️ Hearthstone…

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Choose a side - will you fight for the Explorers or E.V.I.L in the final chapter of the Year of the Dragon?

Galakrond's Awakening is Available Now!

This Descent of Dragons solo adventure concludes the Year of the Dragon saga that began with The Dalaran Heist. Will E.V.I.L. prevail and prove that Rafaam is truly the evilest of all villains? Or will the Explorers defeat Rafaam and save the world?

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HS_Liv commented on Fist of Ra’Dan and Zero Mana Spells? 5 days ago

If there are no minions at that Cost, it will not trigger and it will not lose a Durability.

HS_Liv commented on New card: Sky Gen'ral Kragg 6 days ago

They definitely are on different sides of the fight! We wanted to make sure that when we were creating cards that celebrated the whole year that two of the Legendaries would be Explorers and two would be EVIL. Their mechanics are also based on the expansion that faction was introduced this year.

With the Explorers entering the fight in Uldum, Kragg is a throw back to Quests. We wanted him to help out the Explorer classes. We had toyed around with him helping out no-duplicates decks, but they were already performing really well with the addition of Alexstrasza so we changed his design to help out in a different way. There's also the bonus that he helps out with Sidequests!

Erkh is head of Rafaam's hiring division and it's her job to keep the Lackeys in line. With Lackeys being the year-long mechanic, we wanted to make sure there was one more card to help out with that to tie it all up. There's nothing that ties all the EVIL classes together quite like Lackeys.

I don't want to spoil anything about the Adventure. So you'll have to wait and see! :)

IksarHS commented on So yeah it's been 7 days I think its justified 6 days ago

Talked with our live team, initial fix went out last night. Fix to all regions was rolled out before work ended today.

PlayHearthstone commented on @PlayHearthstone 6 days ago

We’ve temporarily disabled the Road to Northrend tavern brawl to address some issues, and swapped in Pick a Hand, A…

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In honor of #AppreciateADragonDay, which dragon will you summon from your deck? 🐉

IksarHS commented on Why did Blizzard bring back Dragonmaw Poacher? 7 days ago

This is part of the risk of commenting on anything. The fix was actually pretty easy, deploying it took longer than I thought it might. We would obviously rather ship fixes instantly, but it’s not always how it ends up working out. iPad crashes have been another big issue lately we have a fix for but have to wait to deploy until 16.2 because the fixes required a client patch. The next time you hear about poacher will be to hear that its removed from drafts.

You definitely have a grasp of the Hearthstone style!

PlayHearthstone commented on @PlayHearthstone 7 days ago

@Lou_Rolfes We have a fix coming in the upcoming 16.2 patch that will address some of the iPad crashes that people are seeing

PlayHearthstone commented on @PlayHearthstone 7 days ago

We're aware of an issue with this week's brawl that's affecting the ability of some people to connect to the game.…

Kauza commented on Aviator Bob Kills App (iOS) 7 days ago
We’re looking into this to identify the cause and get a fix out as soon as possible. Will update as we make progress!
PlayHearthstone commented on @PlayHearthstone 7 days ago

@DrewForRuin We have a fix coming in the upcoming 16.2 patch that will address some of the iPad crashes that you may be seeing

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