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Winter Veil is upon us, and there’s a ton of festive fun in store for good ghouls and trolls who visit the Hearthst…

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12/18/2018 08:02 AMPosted by autosquelch Good morning Jesse,
Anything new on the auto-squelch front from the dev team?

Good morning,

I just talked with them again recently and there is still no plan to implement auto-squelch. It is still not something they want to do.

However, I did bring up the main concern that has been presented here and that is how squelch works on mobile. Essentially about how you will need to squelch an opponent repeatedly every time you disconnect, get a call, etc.. This is definitely not ideal and has been moved over to QA to find out what all is going on and looking into getting that changed.

12/18/2018 08:12 AMPosted by Right So sad.

Usual suspects bumping the thread...

It's not sad. As I have stated before, this thread is to discuss this topic. If six months go by, I would much rather someone continue the conversation in this one thread than open new ones and defeat the purpose of me combining these in the first place. I purposely call out this thread in the " Common Topics" thread for this reason as well.

I removed some comments as well. If you feel dropping insults is the best way to get a response or a request recognized, I would ask that you rethink your strat. Those who continue to leave positive feedback, discuss their experiences as a reason for "why" and contribute to the conversation will always be taken much more serious, while the others will be removed.

On that same note, discussing your opinion on either side of the fence is welcome. However, belittling someone who doesn't agree with you or trying to take away from their experience and feedback is also not welcomed. I try to allow folks to speak freely, but it has now come to some posting just to diminish another's contributions to the conversation. If you are doing this, please take this as your final warning as I will be looking to action posters moving forward.

12/18/2018 08:45 AMPosted by Right Source?

And what percentage are these "thousands" of the total playerbase?

I do not agree with the approach, but I don't disagree with the sentiment. Please only speak for yourselves, as that is all you can accurately represent.

12/18/2018 08:53 AMPosted by autosquelch is a "No Comment" comment.

To clarify, there was never a "No Comment" comment. What I have said is that Dev's stance on the matter has not changed. There is still no plans to implement auto-squelch. What I said I would ask for is reasoning.

12/18/2018 09:06 AMPosted by irie haha because a thread 114 pages long being bumped for half a year is not evidence enough for you.

The 114 pages you reference also includes those who are against this. When trying to use something like this as part of the argument, please keep in mind that not all your references support your case.

12/18/2018 09:27 AMPosted by Grumphy Ignoring your playerbase is a sign of extreme stubbornness.

Giving an answer someone does not want to hear and not giving any answer are not the same thing.
06/22/2018 10:25 AMPosted by Jesse Hill There was an answer given and the stance has remained the same. Not changing due to whatever reason is not the matter being ignored. It is maintaining a stance on a topic.

This is one of the times I have referenced this as well from this thread. There are several here as well as a few within the other topics referenced.

12/18/2018 09:27 AMPosted by irie "development resources" haahahahahh what like an entire afternoon for one guy

Adding multiple "haha" to a comment does not help to show you understand it. I have posted on this topic within this thread. Please take a few moments to check it out. There is more that goes into implementing a feature than just putting in the code.

12/18/2018 10:13 AMPosted by Morthasa Hoy thanks!

I may dissagree with your position, but biscuits are always good ^_^

Agreed. May try these out myself :D

I am open to discuss anything mentioned here, but please keep in mind that any attempt at being snide, dropping insults or just being disrespectful will most likely result in your comment being removed. I am keeping this open to have a civil conversation on the matter. As long as it remains that way, I will respond on what I can.

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Explore the evolution of #Rastakhan’s Rumble with @Hearthpwn as they delve into the archetypes for each class! 🎓…

We come back for two weeks of balance focused playtesting pretty close to set release. We also do a lot of playtesting, so even if we're 2-3 sets ahead, we've been playtesting each of those individual metas for a couple months each (in addition to other tasks). For example, most all card design is complete for the first set of next year, but we'll wait until Rastakhan meta has settled to make all final balance decisions for that set.

Both odd and even are fairly aggressive or tempo decks. It'll be difficult to make powerful aggro/tempo cards in paladin next year, but there is a lot of space outside those archetypes. Paladin also loses a ton to rotation.

Yeah. Something we have to consider when thinking about card changes is what the fallout might be. It's a little scary to consider that a change to Odd Paladin might result in something like Kingsbane Rogue being the most played deck. While I love Kingsbane as a card and deck, I don't think it's the kind of strategy that is very fun if it's the highest population deck for an extended time period.

Ideally every class has something in the tier 2+ range every set. For Druid, I think it's just that cards like Wild Growth, Nourish, Swipe, Naturalize, Branching Paths, UI, Plague, Spellstone, Malfurion, etc make up a core that is very good and has been around for a long time. There is some player fatigue with anything that is powerful and high population for a year+. Mike has mentioned this before, I think it's likely we'll do something to address Druid decks feeling similar in a way that is more long-term.

Considered both actually. Odd Warrior is a deck that I think is cool if it shows up in a very specific meta then goes away. If Odd Warrior were to find a long-term place in the 5-10% play rate range I think it would be time to seriously think about a change to the deck. For Odd Paladin, it's the best deck in the game on most days. As 'best decks in the game' go, I'd say it's not so bad. There are some clear counter strategies and most games have a good amount of interesting minion combat. The downside of course is that it's been around for 8 months or so and that's a long time for any deck to see a very high play rate. For now, we're still in the set evaluation phase, the meta from a data perspective is still changing every day.

The thought was essentially that Dreampetal might improve Maly and Togwaggle a small amount, but not enough to be more powerful than decks they already had like Token Druid and Taunt Druid. I think without Dreampetal and Floop, there would probably be less variants of Druid. You can argue that is good or bad :).

Generally the idea is that when there is a very powerful archetype in one expansion, we try not to give that archetype additional powerful cards so other archetypes can catch up. I think the fact you state here has more to do with intentionally not making more powerful cards for Odd Paladin than it has to do with all the cards in Odd Paladin being so powerful they could never be reasonably replaced.

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Dive into an Arena overview from @DreadsGaming as he discusses which #Rastakhan cards you should keep in mind while…

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ICYMI Rumble Run is now live! Which Shrines have been your favorite to play so far? 💥

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Multistreaming with

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It’s time to smash down the gates and take Gurubashi Arena by storm! Rumble Run is now live! 🎉…

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None of your posts were deleted by mods. You can scan the front page to see "negative posts" aren't being deleted.

What happened is most likely related to this:

Just as Haunter187 mentions.
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Starting now, the Rumble Run Livestream! Get an early look at the new single-player content before it goes live fea…

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King Rastakhan is cooking up a storm! Choose a class and enjoy the latest deck recipes in this week's Tavern Brawl.

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