Araxom commented on Help(mobile app,android) 5 hours ago

This is being looked into by our engineers; in the meantime, you can try deleting the game app, then before you reinstall the app, first make sure you are deleting the game app cache.

PlayHearthstone commented on @PlayHearthstone 8 hours ago

A wonderful discovery has just been made! The #SaviorsOfUldum card reveal schedule is now live. ⛏️…

PlayHearthstone commented on @PlayHearthstone 11 hours ago

RT @shacknews: #Hearthstone has unleashed a Plague of Murlocs and it has extended to Shacknews! We spoke to the @PlayHearthstone team to le…

PlayHearthstone commented on @PlayHearthstone 12 hours ago

Great work! You're over 75% of the way to defeating 25 Million bosses and have unlocked another #SaviorsOfUldum car…

HS_Liv commented on Ironhide + bees should be nice 13 hours ago

This is correct. The Bees don't die until after the last one attacks. You end up with 2 Runts if you play this on an empty board.

joemag_HS commented on Deal 15000 damage to Ragnaros you say? 1 day ago

My heart stopped for a moment as I wondered "that shouldn't be possible in the Rag Raid?" But yes while in Rag Raid it says "Big Bad Ragnaros" in the top left.

Still, great job, Rag's gonna be feelin' that one for a hot minute.

PlayHearthstone commented on @PlayHearthstone 1 day ago

RT @HSesports: 📣 Paladins! Get ready to put on the early pressure with these 3 new #SaviorsOfUldum cards!

And they said it couldn't be done!

PlayHearthstone commented on @PlayHearthstone 2 days ago

Your E.V.I.L. efforts have defeated over 12 Million bosses and unlocked another #SaviorsOfUldum card reveal! Don't…

PlayHearthstone commented on @PlayHearthstone 3 days ago

You've worked together and are 25% of the way to defeating 25 MILLION bosses in the Tavern Brawls during the Fire F…

PlayHearthstone commented on @PlayHearthstone 3 days ago

The League of Explorers are coming to #SDCC50! Stop by for an unforgettable panel featuring Hearthstone's iconic vo…

PlayHearthstone commented on @PlayHearthstone 3 days ago

Make sure to come prepared when you're exploring Uldum! #SaviorsOfUldum Full Gallery:

mdonais commented on The Buff Patch Retrospective 3 days ago

I didn't say this. (for the record)

mdonais commented on Saviors of Uldum Lore Overview 3 days ago

Very well done Tharid!

I love seeing all the connections and I know that our designers like when you understand all the references they make.

HS_Liv commented on New Card - BEEEES!!! 4 days ago

They're your bees, not your opponent's.

If you have 7 minions, you can't cast it.

If you have 6 minions, you get a single BEE! They summon first, then attack. You only get the number of bees you can accommodate.

PlayHearthstone commented on @PlayHearthstone 4 days ago

Beware the dangers hiding in the dusty deserts of Uldum! #SaviorsOfUldum Full Gallery:

In theory, although the decks are pre-made so that scenario is pretty unlikely.

Yes the Big Bad Rag Raid will still be available then although won't be apart of the reveal challenge. We rotate Fireside Brawls on the first wednesday of the month.

HS_Liv commented on New Card - BEEEES!!! 4 days ago

Yeah, but it's pretty heartless to send bees after your friends.

PlayHearthstone commented on @PlayHearthstone 4 days ago

Join Hearthstone Developer Alec Dawson as he walks you through what it takes to be a junior member of the League of…

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