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Hearthstone Masters Tour returns with Hearthstone Masters Tour Online: Asia-Pacific, beginning Thursday, July 16, 2020.

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Not yet, but two years isn't very long to make a whole new game so I wouldn't have expected anything this soon.

I'm familiar with the VFX artist they just hired though and man his stuff is DOPE. I'm excited for whenever they announce.

Thanks Chuckle! This has always been a really fun forum for me to hang out on, I always appreciated y'all letting me geek out.<3

<3 <3 <3 Thanks Deyan. I'll miss you guys too, I'm gonna try and to a really good job on the new stuff!:)

Ahhh, thank you! It was always so much fun getting to talk HS and VFX and you guys always let me geek out about it haha.<3

❤️❤️ Thank you! It's always felt like such a privilege getting to be a part of it.:)

<3 They are my good sweet sons, they're gonna keep doing sick legendaries! And their new lead is a guy I really respect and have always kinda wished I could work for because he's such a good mentor, so I think things will just keep getting better.:)

It was always a joy chatting with people here, and I really appreciate how much y'all let me geek out over stuff.:) And thank you!- I'm excited for it.

Thank you!:)


Four and a half years of VFX and those colourblind changes are easily the one thing I'm happiest to have been able to add to Hearthstone. I'm so so glad it's helped you!<3

They were happy tears, now they're gay tears.:P

That makes me so happy to hear; seeing and meeting other LGBTQ+ (and women/feminine) people in games was always a huge deal for me, so a big part of why I wanted to make sure I was very open was in case it might make other people feel more comfortable too. There are lots of happily out people on the team (we have a whole squad:D), so there're still lots of people there to rep!<3

Awww, thank you! It's always been such a surreal privilege getting to work on something so many people enjoy.

(And I'm so glad you liked Boomsday, that one was ridiculously fun. I still have Poultry Peter, he came home from the office with me for quarantine.:))

:D They were always fun! The more recent batch of classic dragons was Dominic though, so they're in good hands!

Hahaha thank you!:D

I mean uh


I'm gonna keep saying it because I mean it, thank y'all for the fun Hearthstone times too.<3

There will be lots of cool future VFX (and sooner or later, I'm sure that'll include some laser beams)!:D

Thank you! I'm excited for the new work.:)

God, thank you Jamie.<3
Honestly the colorblind glows are still the single thing I'm happiest I got into Hearthstone, and it's one of those things that I just never would've known about if it weren't for reddit. So double-thanks really, haha.

I'm not moving to Peter's project, VFX usually come later on in production. I did get to help him out a bit with the pitch prototype back in its very early days though, so I've still happily got a fingerprint or two over there.:)

Oh jeez... Thanks so much Phoenix, that's... really humbling, damn.<3

I'm gonna try to do a good job on the new stuff!:)

;-; <3

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