And BotP always seems to be the first.

That’s actually by design. Bane of the Powerful should always be the first Legendary Gem you receive, as it’s kind of the “entry level” to Legendary Gems and usable by all classes.

We generally don’t share exact drop rates (nor do I have immediate access to that kind of information; I’m not able to look into details like that in dev tools or anything). If I recall correctly, all Legendary Gems should have roughly the same drop weight with the exception of Bane of the Powerful as noted above. This is a slight assumption and I’d need to confirm it for certain, but I believe we are just upping the availability of Legacy of Dreams because of its more utilitarian nature.

Nevalistis commented on Clans/Communities seem to be back online 13 days ago

Update 8:00 PM EDT : a player which had issues previously with Europe region communities now reports that they are back to working again… It’s 2:00 AM in Paris atm… I hope to hear some more tomorrow

Please keep us updated if you (or if anyone else) runs into this problem again! Like I said, reports have been inconsistent, so if something’s still going on, we definitely want to look into it.

Nevalistis commented on Is there a way to turn off 14 days ago

What video are you seeing auto-play? If you could let me know which game tab it’s displaying on and what the content is about, that would help a lot!

Generally speaking, videos should show up with a static or GIF background with a “play” button superimposed on them, like this one on Overwatch currently:

Most of our launcher assets are GIFs rather than videos, which do auto-play, but those shouldn’t be terribly bandwidth intensive.

If the behavior is otherwise, I may need to pass on feedback or a possible bug. We don’t typically set up videos to auto-play in the launcher, but I know there was a case in the past where hosted Twitch streams would automatically play. Let me know what your experience is so I can check it out!

Nevalistis commented on Clans/Communities seem to be back online 14 days ago

How is that? Either it works or it doesn’t, no matter who logs on.

That hasn’t been the case throughout the entirety of testing. Part of why this issue has taken so long to resolve is because we’re getting inconsistent reports. It’s working for some people and not for others. Sometimes it works for us, sometimes it doesn’t.

The more reports we get, the more we can cross-check data between the reports that are working and those that aren’t and see if there’s some commonality that drives us to a source. That’s why more reports are so important, especially so if the results are different!


Is this to be interpreted as making it drop sooner when you first start collecting the gems?

Correct. While you’ll get it eventually even with bad RNG by process of elimination, this change should make it more likely to drop sooner rather than later.

Again, not guaranteed; random is still random and bad luck still happens. But it should be better after the update.

Nevalistis commented on Clans/Communities seem to be back online 14 days ago

Communities still bust in Europe.

Could you elaborate? Any details regarding your experience are helpful in reporting the situation back to our engineers, especially if it winds up being that something else is having a problem after we’ve fixed other issues.


Yep, looks that way. Made a EU toon, couldn’t join any community. Went back to Asia/US, could join and leave as I please.

Are you already in any communities? If so, is chat available to you? Again, any and all details are helpful!

Nevalistis commented on General Timeframe for Return of Armory Profiles? 14 days ago

Can you at least gives us timeframe on the Armory Profiles being down?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a time frame for you. If I had one, I would have gladly provided it in the original post.

This is an issue that’s impacting players globally, and we understand how much some players rely on this utility. There is an ongoing investigation into the situation. However, until we can find the source of the issue and deploy a fix for it across all regions, the website armory will remain disabled. As a reminder, the in-game armory is still fully functional and can be accessed through the Leaderboards, Clan profiles, or group inspect.

That’s certainly a thought. I’ll pass the feedback on to the development team.

I will note, however, in the next patch, we are going to increase the drop rate for Legacy of Dreams from Greater Rift Guardians. It’s a little low currently and hopefully that will help with the feeling that this gem is too scarce. We’ll give that a go first and see if we need to re-evaluate after.

You got it, Boubou! I see that at least the 34200 is being discussed currently - for my own edification, how/when are you specifically receiving these errors?
Hi all, FYI, I’ve updated my first post in the thread with 10/1 edits. As the issues continue to be addressed, I’ll return with further updates. Thanks again for hanging in there!
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Diablo commented on @diablo 15 days ago

RT @Blizzard_Ent: Level up your #BlizzCon home experience with Virtual Ticket! Bring a piece of BlizzCon with you into whatever world you…

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RT @sayakatcosplay: Here's a video of the costume with it's wings on!

Diablo commented on @diablo 18 days ago

Crumble Before Me by Cris Hil |

Much appreciated. Thank you for the extra details!

Hey /u/apantek,

This is a known issue, but it's not consistently happening to everyone. Any information you have about your experience would be helpful, and if you can post in the thread I linked, we can gather it all in one place. It would be much appreciated.

As for the C1 rewards, there aren't any. Might I recommend this great community resource for tracking your rewards and progress through the Season? It's pretty helpful. :)

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@HeresHavi 🖤

Diablo commented on @diablo 20 days ago

⏸️ for your drop ⚔️

Nevalistis submitted [Forum Post] Armory Profiles Currently Unavailable 20 days ago
[Forum Post] Armory Profiles Currently Unavailable
Nevalistis submitted Armory Profiles Currently Unavailable 20 days ago

We have temporarily disabled Armory profiles for all players. While profiles are disabled, you will encounter a 503 error when attempting to navigate to any player profile. This may impact some external fansite services that utilize armory data until we are able to re-enable these profiles.

While we do not have an ETA for when these profiles will be available again, we will keep you updated as news becomes available. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to resolve this issue.

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