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While I appreciate your outreach to report wrong-doings, the forums are not the appropriate place to do so. Please email your findings to [email protected] in the future. Thanks!
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The Archangels. by Ashot Avetisyan https://t.co/2hV9l8FOId https://t.co/0eeY8ln5we

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I get the desire for wanting to talk about something you’re excited about, but others aren’t. I absolutely encourage you to do so in a manner that’s constructive and positive. I’m also happy to ensure those conversations remain constructive and positive, because everyone deserves a chance to share the things they’re excited about without being attacked for it. Trolling of any kind, regardless of the subject matter, won’t be tolerated.

However, coming out swinging isn’t going to sway opinions (at least, not in the way you’re hoping). Please reflect on that, review the Code of Conduct, and consider the best way to approach this topic in the future.

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Anyway if you see this Nev, does this mean you will be more active with us console players?

That’s certainly the intent. To be as active as I can be in as many places as possible.

I mentioned this elsewhere, but it’s more likely I’ll be more active closer to PTRs and Patch Cycles (when we have the greatest agility to take action on feedback, bug reports, and the like), and more conversational/occasional at other times, based on juggling my other work tasks. Just to set expectations.


We cannot @names apparently, and we are severely locked down on these forums compared to those with PC access just like on the old forums.

This is because of spam protection rules. There are a select number of forums that don’t require a PC license to post in, which is validation that we can check for on the forums. This is necessary for the Console forums, since it’s a platform where we don’t have a way to sync your proof of ownership as a spam protection measure.

I’m actually not 100% certain how the Trust Level system is impacted by the difference between licenses required to post, but I do believe you’ll gain access to more features as your Trust Level increases. It’s just a bit more restricted in the open forums because they are more susceptible to spam bots.

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We can’t flag them, though.

That just means I can’t be a country. No flag, no country.

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Is that a power I should have at TL3 or should I contact you direct for getting threads pinned?

Pinning threads requires being a moderator, unfortunately. Feel free (teehee) to reach out to me anytime you need assistance.

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Context is, indeed, everything. Posting something just to get a rise out of people, moderators or other forum posters alike, is pretty much one of the clearest definitions of trolling and will be handled as such.

If something makes you uncomfortable or casts doubt whether or not you think you’ll be misinterpreted, don’t do it. If you believe you’ve been erroneously actioned for something another person reports and misinterprets, you can contest any account action through Customer Support.

The forums aren’t the place to have this discussion, per our Forum Guidelines.

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Telling people not to do something on a forum will inevitably result in multiple people doing exactly that because there’s no reason not to.

There is plenty of reason not to - if a post violates the Code of Conduct or our posting guidelines, appropriate action will be taken, resulting in a loss of posting privileges (either temporary or permanent).

Players are welcome to post and share their ideas. Death threats of any kind, even “in jest,” are not appropriate. Tearing down other people and actively being antagonistic is also not appropriate (and considered trolling). It’s okay to disagree with people, but try to provide reasons why you disagree and do so in a respectful manner.

I highly recommend reviewing the Code of Conduct and Forum Guidelines before posting again, as others have called out in this thread already.

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Cheers Nev for jumping in to communicate with us. Please fee free (actually don’t do that Free is a barb and he may not like it ) to keep up the comms lines. Silence is never good.

I’ll certainly be doing my best, but I also have a lot to juggle. If anything, I’ll try to focus most of my engagement and posting efforts around PTRs and patch release cycles. I don’t ever want to be totally absent, but sometimes certain times of the year (cough BlizzCon cough) or having a lot of other projects on my plate can result in limiting my post count.

If anything, I want to make sure I’m not only ever here to make an announcement or say something official. That’s part of the job, but Community Managers should feel just as much a part of the community as the average player, and that means I should post fun or casual things from time to time too!

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Free - you should have TL3 now. If you’re not seeing new permissions, try logging out of your account and back in. Not sure if you’ve played around with it yet. Happy guide-posting!
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I’m glad. I searched google and came up with TBD at season 18. I’m curious why season end isn’t set or known. Why are the season lengths variable for each season?

The short answer is because development cycles can vary.

The longer answer has a lot of explanation, but I’ll try to focus on the beefier challenges. Diablo III is supported on PC, Mac, and all current generation consoles. That’s five separate release clients and four network platforms (three of which are external partners) that need to be tested and sometimes re-generated and re-submitted if there are any issues. Localization also takes time, as we’re supported in 13 different languages. We avoid patch cycles occurring during active Seasons so that any game changes that happen, even if they’re just gameplay optimizations, don’t impact players who compete on the Leaderboards.

We still, generally, target an estimated 3 months per Season (and we’ve stuck pretty close to that, though last patch had some unexpected issues that required us to push the Season back). Ultimately if we have to make a choice between a Season running a little long or getting the extra time to make sure changes are thoroughly tested and the patch is as high quality as possible, we’re going to err on the latter.

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I recommend taking the advice MissCheetah posted:

Reforging issue with game General Discussion
So far you are the only one reporting this issue, so I am not sure where we would find others with the same problem. If the had that issue, they should be posting on the Bug Report Forum. I am also confused about your take on documenting your issue. Making a video and posting it is a GOOD thing to do when game bugs happen. It helps confirm it and assists QA in replicating it. That is standard procedure when addressing bugs. It does not make Blizz look bad or anything if that is what you were t…

As this is not the appropriate forum for this conversation and you’ve been provided the proper context and instructions on where to direct your bug report, I’ll be closing this thread.

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ʸᵒᵘ ᶜᵃⁿⁿᵒᵗ ˢᵗᵃⁿᵈ ᵇᵉᶠᵒʳᵉ ᵐᵉ Diorama by Roman Khramov https://t.co/0nbaCTTQex https://t.co/5My8YnPXxh

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It will take a few days. It’s partially intentional, though, as Varadia has surmised:


Probably on purpose so folks who click over see the notice that the forums have moved instead of just coming to the new forum and not finding a post they were looking for.

We do want people to have the opportunity to archive any threads they found important or were something they posted and put a lot of effort into. The old forums will remain read only for some time for this reason.

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Has there been an announcement on this?

Not yet.

For those of you who are new or are otherwise unaware, we typically announce the end of a Season at least two weeks prior to the end of said Season. Before that, there will be a preview for the next Season both in blog form and in the form of a one-week PTR for testing.

I don’t have an ETA to provide for when that will be arriving for 18, but I’ll leave it as something I’m actively working on.

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Finally! When does the forum link on the main page direct here?

That will take a couple of days, from what my sources tell me. In the meantime, you can update your bookmarks to this.

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That’s browser specific. I’m referring to OS shortcuts.

Could you specify some reproduction steps? Our web team would be happy to look into it, but we need more context as to your OS/platform/browser or the circumstances under which you’re encountering this.

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WyomingMist is listed as Tech though? Just pointing that out.

Yep, just noticed the same and checked on it. I feexed eet.

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