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Haedrig's Gift: Crusader ⚡ Vaporize your enemies with the might of your light! https://t.co/qQu6fOWv5d

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We wanted to share that we are aware of the crashes reported by players since the launch of Season 22. We’ve been working on a patch to address these issues and we are aiming to deploy the patch this week. I’ll keep you posted as I hear back from the team.
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Haedrig's Gift: Barbarian 💥 Frenzy your way through hell dealing extra damage to enemies! https://t.co/CbMJ2ijc8N

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Join @AnnacakeL this weekend as she journeys through Sanctuary with her favorite characters! 👀 🔴… https://t.co/t0IMRgUHvn

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Today, we're feeling thankful for our players.🖤 To have such talented folks like @QelricDK within our community is… https://t.co/ORC2ZJ3EyZ

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Update: 11/24 - The patch has been deployed to all consoles for all regions. Thank you all for your patience.
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Usually when someone writes “No offense” they mean to be offensive

Nev did a lot! There are a ton of things ramping up in the Diablo universe with Immortal and IV on the horizon so we are staffing up to make sure we get can have equal coverage when those games are fully online.

Likewise, we do beyond work that most people see here. It’s why we aren’t able to spend most of our times on the forums or just interacting in communities. A lot of community work that Nev and this group does is tied into a lot of work around game teams, marketing, public relations, etc.

Nev also had others on the CM team including Steph Bayer who didn’t post much but was also another great CM who left a few months before her. Both Nev and her were fantastic and great friends

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Hey folks - looking for any additional info you can share. Would like to know which console you’re experiencing issues. If you are on PC, can you share if you are running the 32-bit or 64-bit client?
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Checkout all of what Season 22 has to offer! 👀 https://t.co/YAuFod17Jv

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Hey there, to answer your question, the exploration of Sanctuary and the progression of the story. I’m a lore fanatic, and I love world-building, especially in dark fantasy IPs. So, I can’t wait to see what’s in store with D4. The settings in Diablo titles have always been extraordinary characters on their own.

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Hello, my friends. Stay awhile and listen.

My name is TheHooley, although some of you may know me as Tom Powers, from my time corresponding with you on the OW forums. A few weeks ago, I joined the Diablo CMTY Team!

I wanted to introduce myself and briefly express how excited I am to join you on these forums. For Overwatch in the past, I often engaged daily and coordinated with the developers to address pressing issues impacting the game. I believe that type of interaction and transparency make platforms such as these a special place. And I, along with my teammates, will aspire to do the same here on the Diablo front.

This year has been challenging, but it’s communities like this one that make our day-to-day easier. Coming here to engage in social discourse on a game we all cherish is a beautiful thing. Let’s continue that legacy. So, thank you for your time; I look forward to interfacing with you all.

Have a fantastic week,

Tom Powers
Twitter @TheHooley

Hi all -

We have another new Community Manager that has joined the Diablo team! He has already gone around and posted a couple times on some support related items, but this is his formal introduction. Welcome TheHooley! He is a former Overwatch Community Manager and is now helping out on all things Diablo going forward.

Glad to have another great person to join us and to help out especially one with such a fantastic Michigander accent!

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Hi there! Could you kindly share any additional details to help us investigate further.
TheHooley-1409 commented on Season 22 Servers down 11 days ago
Hey all, thank you for the reports and your patience. We’re investigating on our end promptly. To report any issues, please post in the Bug Report forums.
TheHooley-1409 commented on Clans Temporarily Disabled EU & CN | Patch 2.6.10 11 days ago
UPDATE: Clans and Communities functionality has been restored for the CN region.
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📢 It’s time, Nephalem. Season 22 is LIVE! https://t.co/xmOWmobeoL

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Season 22 is here! May I have some snacks too?
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Season 22 Shades of the Nephalem is officially live!
FilthieRich-11996 commented on Game kept on crashing with patch 2.6.10 11 days ago
Patch has been released to all consoled which should fix the crash issues. We are working on the Nintendo Switch patch now and expect this to be patched the week of 11/23. Thanks everyone!
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