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Hey Terrie,

Thanks for the response and reaching out. We’ve been looking into this issue for quite some time and have people working on it daily. We should have a fix soon and sorry for it taking a bit longer than normal.

There’s a thread on the General Discussion forum with some more information and updates if you’d like to follow along as well.

Thanks again

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This thread doesn’t have any actionable feedback on it and can devolve into something unintended. Going to capture the feedback from poster and close out. Thanks.
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Hello there!

Orrion actually stated this fairly well.

  1. When it comes to consoles, we should be doing a better job at cleansing the leaderboards and continuously hardening our services to not allow cheating. This, we can do better at.

  2. Every console does have a subscription model for online play

  3. Some features are slightly different based on the console vs PC. This derives from the original game design of consoles couple of years ago.

  4. This is currently a bug that is on our plate for multiple classes on PC and consoles. This will be fixed as soon as we get out a new patch. Consoles are specifically trickier because they have to go through the first party to get approved and then released.

I hope these answers help you a bit, thanks for reaching out

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Hey SeiTiBeun,

What i recall saying is that it’s difficult to balance every build to the exact same GR level. Some Class Sets will always mathematically be better in some scenarios. We gather data for each set and then strive each season to balance as best to our abilities and time permits. We’ll continue to search through data and make changes as we go. Was there a Class and Set that you particular are fond of that isn’t performing as you seek?

Also, When it comes to 4 mans and the meta, we’re happy that the meta has changed a bit and allowed for different variations.

I’m sure you’ll receive more context in our upcoming blog soon enough.

I truly appreciate you reaching out

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I haven’t chimed in to this thread in a while but i want to make sure everyone understands.

In the blog post we’ll be presenting, it’ll go over the specifics of how we balance and hopefully answer many questions.

Some have already deduced through multiple threads and replies how we envision our balance.

  • Classes that are 1-2 GRs above or below our projected max GR is good.

  • Classes that are 3-4 GRs above or below our projected max GR is the grey area where we could potentially look at it to make some adjustments. Whether that be through numbers tweaking, items, or whatever other means.

  • Classes that are 5 GRs above or below our projected max GR is not good and we would aim to balance them in the near future.

So, if you’re looking at Crusader…we can all look at them and say, “Good Day! Have your fun for now!”, but…more likely than not, they’ll come down a bit next patch.

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@netflix By Three They Come.

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Hey Farscape - We’ll take a look in some spare time, see if we can sneak it in for a future patch
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_——_ ( (• _ • )) / >💰u want this? _——-_ ( ( • _ •) ) 💰< \ finish your season journey

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Hey All, We’re not looking to support widescreen monitors at this time. I appreciate you bringing up the issue though and if we ever do in the future, we’ll make sure to keep the bugs in the backlog to fix up. Thanks again
Hey NightFang! Thanks for briefly reaching out about the UWHD displays with such kind words. As of right now we’re not looking to implement any solutions to Diablo III for Ultra Wide monitors. Thanks again.
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Hey lollipops,

That’s quite unfortunate about the non-responsiveness over in the KR forums. We’ll make sure to reach out to them and see what’s going on. Thank you for bringing that up.

As far as the Maintenance, we upgrade our services over time but some of these changes are for all Blizzard titles and cause minor issues (which normally get fixed same day) within the individual games.

I personally did not hear about the achievement records missing as of yesterday, we’ll make sure to check it out tomorrow.

I hope this helps a little bit and also thanks again for reaching out

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Hello and Good Morning, The amount of effort put into this feedback and these ideas is awesome. Thanks a lot for spending the time and putting it together for us! We’ll take a look.
Evening all, Nothing to the game code has changed. The weekly maintenance is more for features and such. To make it clear, there has been ZERO changes to drop rates or anything related to in game.
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These type of posts aren’t formed from actionable feedback and will be closed.
Hey all, We pushed out a fix for the ERROR_3. If people are still seeing it after logging out and back in please let us know. Thanks again
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Hey all, The Whisper Error 3 should be fixed up as of now. If anything comes up where you still continue to see this error, please exit game and start fresh. If it still continues, please let us know! Thanks again
Good morning, We should have a fix coming out here within the hour for the “Error 3” whisper issue. Thanks for standing by
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Evening Gimpzor,

As a matter of fact, we do know that there are some issues going on at the moment.

  1. Whispers - This issue cropped up today after maintenance and there’s currently an incident report in for it to be fixed.
  2. Party Bug - This had been a tricky bug that we are investigating daily to nail down. Hoping this gets fixed up in the coming days.
  3. Communities, Clans, and Friends Bug - We think this has to roughly do with the same presence issue stated above and should be fixed up soon
  4. Same as 2 and 3.

I appreciate the call out though, a lot of these have to do with how the game client handles and so on. Both teams have been working hard to get these fixed up as soon as possible.

Thanks again

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Evening, We sent this as an incident ticket and it’s getting looked at to be fixed up. Thanks for bringing it up and the patience
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Hey CAM! The plans are working as intended and there’s currently no bug with them. They are a low drop % though, so it might just be a bad case of RNG. Hope this provides you an answer, a reply, and some help moving forward. Good luck on your adventures
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