Nevalistis commented on Season 16: The Season of Grandeur Begins 1/18 38 minutes ago

It's almost like we're still human or something.

Nevalistis commented on Season 16: The Season of Grandeur Begins 1/18 38 minutes ago

Console patches are handled completely separately; while balance changes are the same across the board, console patch notes happen day-of and will be available in the Console Forum.

Trust me, it's a known issue, and I know we're working on it. :)

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Ah, you're right - 3,500 should be right. Going to go fix that right now.

I have this lovely issue with my keyboard where it occasionally "double-taps" a key while I type. Regularly have extra letters deleted, double letters added, and in this case... an extra 0. Clearly time to update drivers again.

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12/18/2018 10:34 AMPosted by Shooter Assume Jade number in patch notes is typo.

*edit* I should have clarified which number you were asking about; you are right, an extra 0 got added to the 2-piece patch note. Fixing that now.

12/18/2018 10:31 AMPosted by Kirottu As it was expected, Inna and Tal Rasha 6 piece bonuses got much smaller buffs. They went 1500%->750% and 3000%->2000% respectively.

LoN on the other hand went up, it was 500% per ancient on PTR, live will be 750%.

Can confirm these were the three major changes as a result of PTR feedback and internal testing. We'll be watching performance and any potential bugs very carefully after the patch launches in the new year, but as of right now, these are the final numbers for 2.6.4.

12/18/2018 10:20 AMPosted by MissCheetah Makes it easier to verify you unlocked them for that gameplay mode. This is unclear, but it should be per MODE so Non Season HC, Non Season SC, Season HC, Season SC. (Please clarify Blizz if I am wrong).

Also accurate; this is locked per mode just like other unlocks, such as Adventure Mode access.
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1/18. There was a holdover between drafts that's since been corrected. Also resubmitted the reddit link so the proper title shows; would appreciate the help in making sure the right info gets out there since this post is now inaccurate!

Nevalistis submitted Season 16: The Season of Grandeur Begins 1/18 1 hour ago
Season 16: The Season of Grandeur Begins 1/18
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12/12/2018 12:51 PMPosted by SleepyBear I just started playing a few days ago. Having a blast. Managed to get the season 15 Wizard set gear in a few days.

What class do people suggest to play for season 16. I suppose some class set is better compare to other. I heard from people immortal king set is pretty good. Should I play barb?

There are some great suggestions above (thanks to everyone who chimed in with tips). Like you mentioned, the class set you want to use - and what you get from Haedrig's Gift in the Season Journey - can help you choose.

Our preview blog for the new Season is up now, so feel free to take a gander - it might help sway your decision. :)
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We're excited to see what exclusive builds you can make only this Season!

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Season 16: Season of Grandeur 👑 The buff for this upcoming Season will give all players the Legendary item power f…

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Get ready for the new year with these epic EU sweepstakes! You can win: 🥇 1 x Switch Diablo bundle 🥈 30 x Switch c…

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"Zombie flesh, good, human flesh, better!" Artist: Aleksey Vasyunin Page:

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Nephalem unite against the Prime Evil. Anytime. Any place.

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Nephalem unite against the Prime Evil. Anytime. Any place.

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12/07/2018 07:42 PMPosted by Achilles @Tyvalir
How are you freely roaming the halls of forums? You somehow escaped the Matrix!
He is the one!

It's good to see you, too. :)

12/08/2018 08:24 AMPosted by MissCheetah If you play on Bnet then the account, and characters, get flagged for removal after 90 days of inactivity.

12/08/2018 08:24 AMPosted by MissCheetah Also beware, when making new chars you have to play them a certain amount of time for them to "stick" or they get deleted faster than 90 days.

12/08/2018 01:08 PMPosted by MissCheetah Characters saved locally to your PC or USB drive can not be played online on the normal Blizzard

All correct. Thanks for being so awesome and helpful here, Miss C!
Tyvalir commented on Diablo 3 season question 6 days ago
Just chiming in to say thanks to everyone who helped out SleepyBear. It's always good to see people (multiple people, even!) jumping in to offer tips and advice - plus additional helpful info, and of course, encouragement. :)
Tyvalir commented on So, when is the patch? 6 days ago
12/07/2018 03:32 PMPosted by DreamKiller They let you go out ? Thanks. Really. A bit of fresh air never hurts anyone !

12/07/2018 03:37 PMPosted by naksiloth Good to see you here.

12/07/2018 06:24 PMPosted by TheTias *Breaks out the Datavac ESD and blows the dust off of Tyvalir*

Ooooooooh, shiny...

Thanks, trying to jump on here more often now. We shall see how it goes. :)
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RT @sumyuna: Let me tell you a story to chill the bones... Me as the Demon Hunter from Diablo III cosplay by me Photo by @SKYline_Cos http…

Tyvalir commented on So, when is the patch? 10 days ago
12/06/2018 02:08 PMPosted by MissCheetah Yep. That crossed my mind as well. If they patch before ending the Era people are going to be upset. Set changes are kind of a big deal when pushing ladders.

Glad you brought this up, MissCheetah (and thanks for the constructive discussion)!

We are aware of how the Era leaderboards would be affected by Patch 2.6.4. As you mentioned, it's not our policy to share patch dates ahead of time, but this is definitely something we've got on our radar when planning the rollout of the new patch.
Tyvalir commented on D2 ladder reset today? 10 days ago
12/07/2018 06:06 AMPosted by stfd
12/07/2018 05:34 AMPosted by Bravata tell me

Yes, it resets at 8pm est.

Thanks for chiming in with helpful info, stfd.

@Bravata - You can follow updates on Diablo II ladder season start / end dates on the Classic Games forum here. I am looking forward to playing the ladder myself (going to roll a Blizzard sorc on US East starting off), and I hope you enjoy the new season!
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Obtain the Diablo Eternal Collection 🔥 on Nintendo Switch for up to 33% off! Nab this deal before the Treasure Gobl…

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