The Overwatch 2 Beta has wrapped up, and we would love to share and update on the Mercy and Moira changes!

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Craig commented on Overwatch Contenders 2022 Schedule - Earn Skins 16 days ago
Hey there Merchenary. Thanks for putting this together for the community. I do apologize for not being able to work on things like this anymore, as I know it helps all of you out. Seeing you guys put effort into fulfilling some of the things I used to do really makes me happy.
AndyB-11735 commented on "OW2 less strategic and deathmatchy" 21 days ago

Another simple way to see the distinction is, strategy is what you want to do, tactics are the way(s) you get there.

I usually frame it as

Goals = Why
Strategy = How
Tactics = What

but I can see your take as well

AndyB-11735 commented on "OW2 less strategic and deathmatchy" 21 days ago

Tactics are not the same thing as strategy, although they are related.

Strategy describes a macro plan of action

Tactics describe the moment to moment choices made to achieve a strategic end.

If I could frame this statement, I would.

This distinction between tactics and strategy (goals, strategy, tactics) is a commonly understood paradigm in the business world, and it definitely can also apply to your gaming experiences.

It’s fair to say that 5v5 is more tactical, with the ability to individually carry being more prevalent. In a competitive setting tactical excellence is important, but the team with the better overall strategy will win when tactical excellence (individual game sense/skill) is relatively even

Craig commented on Earning OWL Tokens 21 days ago

Hey everyone, sorry if any of you having issues with earning Overwatch League tokens. I will try to keep an eye on any trending issues but also remember that on occasion token drops can be delayed at times. I do recommend that anyone having issues across multiple broadcasts check this guide from Blizzard Support.

Blizzard Support Didn't Receive Overwatch League Tokens From Watching Matches

Troubleshooting steps for earning League Tokens


Does watching the encores on youtube count for tokens?

Yes, any of the premiere encores do work. I will note they are doing things a little differently this week by showing it as a series of scheduled premieres so everyone can catch their favorite teams before the next set of live matches begins. I do recommend keeping an eye on it and making sure that after each premiere broadcast you are tuned in to the next one.

PlayOverwatch commented on @PlayOverwatch 21 days ago

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Craig submitted Thank you for participating in Beta! 22 days ago

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Overwatch 2 PVP Beta! We got a lot of great feedback and will be taking time to review as much of it to help improve Overwatch 2 as we continue to get closer to launch. We have closed the Beta feedback forums at this time. We encourage all of you to continue to post your comments and constructive feedback about Overwatch 2 in the General Discussion forum.

Be sure to continue following our social channels and news feed for more updates about Overwatch 2 in the coming weeks!

Craig commented on Where are my league tokens? 23 days ago
Thanks! I do believe this is a minor bug they are tracking but restarting the game client typically works. Apologies for the inconvenience, and I hope you enjoy the new skin!
Craig commented on Where are my league tokens? 23 days ago
Please completely close the game client and relaunch it. Let me know if that worked.
BlizzardEntertainment submitted As the Queen decrees: The Overwatch 2 Beta comes to an end 23 days ago

The Overwatch 2 Beta comes to an end—and with that, we’re one step closer to a new beginning on October 4.

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PlayOverwatch commented on @PlayOverwatch 23 days ago

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PlayOverwatch commented on @PlayOverwatch 23 days ago

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Jodie-11723 submitted Overwatch Retail Patch Notes – July 19, 2022 23 days ago
Overwatch Retail Patch Notes – July 19, 2022

To share your feedback, please post in the General Discussion forum.
For a list of known issues, visit our Bug Report forum.
For troubleshooting help, visit our Technical Support forum.

Overwatch League Midseason Madness Skin

Celebrate the Overwatch League Midseason Madness with the Royal Knight Mercy Legendary Skin! This skin is purchasable for a limited time with Overwatch League Tokens.

Craig commented on When does the beta end? 24 days ago
Today, July 18th, is the last full day of the Beta, and there are still several more hours to go before the playtest ends. For some of you, this will be deep into the 19th for your local time zone. Enjoy everyone!
PlayOverwatch commented on @PlayOverwatch 24 days ago

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PlayOverwatch commented on @PlayOverwatch 27 days ago

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AndyB-11735 commented on Wheres the patch at 28 days ago
Hiya folks, The patch will be coming later tonight, so as not to interfere with today’s Contender’s tournaments
PlayOverwatch commented on @PlayOverwatch 28 days ago

@realleahdeniese [UPDATE] #Overwatch2 Beta Access will be granted in waves throughout the day to All participants w…

PlayOverwatch commented on @PlayOverwatch 28 days ago

Let's take 'em to the Wasteland! The voice of Junker Queen, @realleahdeniese, welcomes players to rampage as the Q…

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