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RT @DillonFrancis: I wanted to play in the @overwatchleague Grand Finals... but i wasn't good enough so they let me play a set instead 😂 tu…


can you tell geoff to delete tracer

Recall is basically CTRL Z tho


It would be nice to know much feedback is weighted.

In my personal experience, the answer is “it depends”.

I’ll fall back on what I said about having an understanding of the bigger picture. Because live operations are very dynamic in nature, feedback can be weighted differently in different scenarios.


Andy, on the discussion of feedback. Can you say if it is still the philosophy of the dev team that they take into account these three factors when determine balance changes overall:

  • Player feedback across all ranks
  • Statistical performance of heroes at pro level and grandmaster play
  • Developer team insights

I know this was something former Game Director Jeff Kaplan discussed at length on the old forums. (I really need to finish the old forum archives…)

Can confirm.

Geoff: Add stats to that list as well (sic; metrics, analytics, etc…)

Hey folks,

Since we’re talking about feedback, and why we would have OWL pros playing the game, this is an area where I can speak as a CM first, rather than as a proxy for Team 4.

Every designer I’ve worked with has understood that any player feedback (whether Bronze, Grand Master, or professional) is laced with personal biases and assumptions. Game designers are like artists in many ways: both disciplines take in feedback from many diverse sources, and apply that feedback with a central vision guiding their decision making.

A large part of what community managers do is to try to remove the personal biases from player feedback, and then communicate what’s the root cause of player friction to designers. The designers have an understanding of how that feedback fits into the bigger picture, and have analytical tools that they can use to evaluate what’s reported via community sentiment. Most importantly, according to Lead Hero Designer, Geoff Goodman,

Geoff: It’s part of our job to respect the context of the feedback.

Your concerns about player biases are completely understandable. We agree, and it’s something we always account for, even when we’re providing feedback on our internal playtests.

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Game on! Tune in to #OWL2021 Grand Finals on Sep 25 as we reveal new Overwatch 2 updates and live gameplay. The fu…

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What is Flappy Mercy?

exactly what it sounds like.

(it’s a 2D take on Flappy Bird, but replace the bird with Mercy)

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Andy you should give third person overwatch a try. I would actually love for that to become an arcade mode.

It’s on my list of modes to try, along with Genji dodgeball and Ana golf.

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So they added a way better workshop browser, now we can add favourites and it’s way easier to find custom gamemodes.

We’re glad you’re enjoying the new custom games browser.

I use custom games to fill the time while I’m waiting in queue, and this new feature has helped me discover some new modes that aren’t aim trainers or parkour of some sort . My favorites so far have been Flappy Mercy and the Boss Battle modes.

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This conversation dovetailing in this direction is my fault folks.

I shouldn’t have engaged with the comment, regardless of my intent. I get where MissEdgy’s comment comes from, and I do want to assure you that I am not in any way responsible for decision making around design and balance.

My role is to facilitate communication between the developers and the community, something I’ve been passionate about for years. We’re required to have empathy for both the player experience and the developer experience, and walking in both worlds can be a bit tricky, as shown in this post.

Let’s get back to hearing about your weekend plans, and I sincerely hope that everyone has a great night.

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How is a bronze supposed to relay any feedback to the devs? Sorry but I think you probably dont understand half the things people even talk about here.

I wouldn’t conflate understanding with ability. There are plenty of people out there who have a deep understanding of their game of choice, but are not competitive participants themselves.

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Good luck I tried humankind, my brain was not big enough to understand it

My problem with games like it and Anno is that I suddenly look at the clock and it’s 6am on a Tuesday.

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Support players will remember that.

Support is a role I’m a lot more comfortable on. Peaked high silver previously, but haven’t really focused on the role unless I’m flexing to generate priority tickets. It’s also a role I’ve usually played in other similar games, so I tend to understand where your feedback comes from as it relates to the role.

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Ooh!! Whats ur rank? just out of curiosity

Peaked at high silver around season 1, currently climbing back from Bronze.

The last 6 months has been a lot of me focusing on learning the Damage role better, and playing a lot of heroes I’m uncomfortable with, like Doom and Genji, as opposed to ones I’m more comfortable with, like Soldier, Cowboy, Ashe, etc…

I won’t even touch Widow yet. I don’t think I’m ready mechanically.

(been playing since the friends and family beta, so this has been a long journey)

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Happy Friday to everyone!

This weekend I plan on agonizing over whether or not I should buy Humankind (spoiler alert, I will), working towards my goal of +50 SR/night on Damage and Tank, and smoking a pork shoulder for some delicious pulled pork sandwiches with the family.

Whatever you’re doing, be safe, be well, and I hope it brings you happiness .

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RT @OverwatchKR: 전통과 발전이 어우러진 한국의 모습, 그리고 가을밤 하늘을 수놓는 은은한 청사초롱 아래 고운 한복(Hanbok) 자태를 뽐내고 있는를 일러스트로 표현하였습니다. 어둠을 밝히는…

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His new ultimate is that Ganymede gets a tiny hat to match Bastion’s new hat.

calls in attack helicopters

they know too much

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Doo-woo! Bastion's New Look!

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Woo woo woo whee woo whee! Group up with the Overwatch team on September 25 as we reveal new Overwatch 2 updates l…

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