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Make every second count! We’ll be sealing up this year’s Archives on April 27. Group up, queue up, and load up on…

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the communities on r/overwatch and r/Competitiveoverwatch have meant so much to me. i just wanted to sign off one last time and thank you for all of your inspiration, shared stories and highlights, feedback, criticism and comradery.

whenever i think about the reddit communities, i always think of r/Overwatch as "timmy" (aka punch kid): bright-eyed, optimistic and r/Competitiveoverwatch as "brian" the slightly jaded older brother who realizes in the end that he actually loves overwatch but just kind of forgets it along the way sometimes...

either way, you're amazing and you made my career better. you made me a better designer and game director.

please take care of the overwatch team. they are wonderful, caring, brilliant people and they need you right now.

<3 jeffrey

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Enemy prognosis: defeated. Blend in on the battlefield and boost up your allies as Camo Mercy (Epic). Earn yours b…

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Help us thank Jeff Kaplan for being the Mercy to our Genji. Thank you for always daring to see the world as it coul…

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New Leadership for Overwatch

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Sensational skins--centuries in the making. Here’s the full lineup of the historically-inspired skins available du…

Delve into the past to discover how Overwatch concept artists, joined by character designer Yusuke Kozaki, created some of this year’s skins.

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RT @CosmicWabbit: Zarya Polyanitsa from Overwatch Archives event #Zarya #Overwatch #OverwatchFanart

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RT @overwatchleague: Let's get this party started. Watchpoint is live now, with the @DallasFuel vs @Outlaws match right after. #OWL2021

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RT @overwatchleague: Miss us? #OWL2021 kicks off tomorrow, April 16th at 3PM ET/12PM PT

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RT @overwatchleague: You don't want to miss out on the exclusive @Soembie spray, do you?! Be sure to link your account so you can get your…

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Strength flows through me! One blade. One strike. One incredible piece of blooming Bushi Genji art by @rev_akira

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Walk in harmony. Dive into deep-sea digs by picking up Subaquatic Zenyatta (Epic) during the second week of the Ar…

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Just in time! Blink into action with Cavalry Tracer during the Overwatch Archives event!

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It’s time to make history. Get all the details on this year’s Archives event before you hop into the action. 👀…

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I will never surrender. Carry your team and crush your enemies as Polyanitsa Zarya (Legendary) during the Overwatc…

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Lúcio coming at you! 🔊 Pick up red-hot rewards, including Corredor Lúcio (Epic), during the first week of the Arch…

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@NovaC0smic This year’s Archives event is introducing our new mechanism for weekly event unlocks! Learn more about…

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