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RT @Blizzard_Ent: The new Blizzard #UniqloUT collection is available now! Shop now:

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Overwatch Game Director, Jeff Kaplan, discusses several upcoming changes: ✅ Replays Feature ✅ Overwatch League Rep…

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Overwatch Game director Jeff Kaplan discusses several incoming changes, including the brand-new Replays system and the Overwatch League Replay Viewer, along with some balance and gameplay updates. Jeff also chats about “What You Left Behind,” a new short story that dives into Baptiste’s troubled history, and he teases the upcoming “Baptiste Reunion Challenge.”

"What You Left Behind" - An Overwatch Short Story:

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@TheMasterKrook Indeed!

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@Master06411566 👍🏻

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Baptiste's past finally catches up to him... with explosive results. Read WHAT YOU LEFT BEHIND, a new Overwatch sh…

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RT @Danielirizarri: Fan art for @PlayOverwatch 's Hammond! The genetically modified genius hamster known as Wrecking Ball in the Scrapyards…

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RT @overwatchleague: Growing up, gaming was something @MicaBurton and her dad @levarburton did together. On this #FathersDay, she shares…

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Hey there thanks for the awesome visual post for this. I’m not sure what the design intent is here so I’ll make sure our hero designers check this out tomorrow.

Cheers, hope everyone had a great weekend.

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RT @overwatchleague: Get ready for the #RouterRumble! The Match of the Week between @SFShock and @SeoulDynsaty starts NOW! #OWL2019 🔴 ht…

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Hey there. We’re not aware of any server issues right now. I’ll dig into our network quality data and see if I can find any details. Perhaps a regional or isp issue.

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RT @owpathtopro: The top 10 countries are revealed, and your final committee members have been decided! Check out h…

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Really awesome experience thanks for sharing. It makes my day to read posts like this because people coming together and having fun is why I love gaming.

As an aside I’m sorry you hit a significantly lopsided match. If the OP can DM me some details (gamertag and when the match happened) I’ll dig into it a bit to see if there’s something we can do.


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Thanks for the report. We are looking into this issue further.
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RT @Blizzard_ANZ: 🚨 The Overwatch Cosplay Battle has come to Australia & New Zealand!! 🚨 Teams representing Aussie states NSW, SA, VIC, an…

Awesome screenshot, that brings back so many memories.

Just before we went live our QA team noticed a data issue. Jesse, our lead server engineer, knew he could fix the issue in about 10 minutes. We delayed the launch to let him run off and do that work quickly, but during that time there was a massive amount of people trying to login. Everyone repeating that login flow is very demanding on the infrastructure. Just as Jesse was finishing up his work, engineers from that team were on the conference bridge asking us to go live as soon as we could. I'll never forget the tone in their voice, the sense of urgency was very pronounced!


Oh he’s so cute. _^

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Watch the pros like a pro. Experience @OverwatchLeague from any perspective with the Overwatch League Replay Viewe…

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